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The Top Four Reasons to Consider Tree Removal

By Advance Tree Pros

The type of tree service people request depends on the state and health of their tree. When storm season swings around there’s underlying anxiety for many that the tree outside their window will come crashing down on their roof. We understand this type of worry and always encourage our customers to take precautions when it comes to these towering leafy giants in their yards. Whether it’s just a quick pruning here or there or complete removal, there are reasons to consider removing it altogether is the best option. Before the stormy season starts, we wanted to share a few reasons why people consider tree removal.

1) Tree Service is Needed for a Dying Tree

Our tree cutting services are renowned by many of our customers who are more than happy to have their tree pruned. When it comes to removal however it can be an unfamiliar subject for many since they’re not sure when removal should be on the table. One of the top reasons to consider having your tree removed is if it’s dying on the spot or continues to have persistent problems like rotten branches. Trees can get sick and there are plenty of cases where a tree has died and is in danger of collapsing at any moment. Pruning from time to time can help to prevent sickness, but if you suspect it’s in danger of toppling over it’s best to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes a serious problem.

2) The Structure of the House Could be Compromised

Tree RemovalThe tree cutting services we have to offer have been used by a large number of people over the years. One topic not discussed frequently enough when it comes to tree removal is the structural integrity of the house can be compromised by a sick or dying tree. The root system of a tree over time grows and expand which can wreak havoc on the foundation of any house. Leaves getting clogged in the gutter can begin to rot and become damp, which can be a danger to damaging the roof. Porches and patios can become damaged and start to rot if a tree is located to close to them.

3) Climate Control Isn’t Sufficient

Another reason people will search for “tree services near me” and pick us over the competition is that their tree may no longer provide the proper climate control needed for their home. Trees are often recommended because they can provide shade to a home during the summer and help regulate the temperature. The downside to this is the area around the tree will normally be damp and this means mildew can start to grow in affected areas. Leaves that aren’t swept up and moved off the lot will gather moisture and start to rote where they are, so it’s another facet to consider when looking into tree removal.

4) Keeping the Tree is No Longer Practical

Last but not least, it’s no longer practical to keep a tree around to maintain the integrity of your home. We understand trees play an important role in the environment and help in a multitude of ways, but there are times when keeping a tree can become more of a hassle than they’re worth. People who have patios or porches will find if a tree is located too close the wood can begin to rot. There’s also the constant anxiety of clearing leaves away, cleaning out the gutters, and other chores that come along with keeping a tree. Not to mention the structural integrity of your home can be compromised if the trees are continuing to expand and start to get into the foundation of your home.

These are only a few of the multitude of reasons we recommend people consider our tree service in Winter Park if they’re looking for pruning services or removal. We have the experience to back it up and are more than happy to help you out with all of your tree-related needs.