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Residential Land Clearing in Orlando FL

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Crucial for any property, land clearing is the removal of stumps, trees, and other debris. Cluttered land can cause environmental threats, such as the release of greenhouse gas emissions, pest outbreaks, and fires. Advance Tree Pros recommends clearing the last on your residential property for many reasons:

  • Usable land: When a vacant lot, area, or acreage has become inhabitable, land clearing is the last resort. At this point, there is no use for the land and is being wasted, so land clearing makes it useful and accessible again.
  • Land safety: One of the biggest reasons why land clearing is so important is safety. Cleaning is done because the land is full of garbage, rotting wood, and dead trees — all of which are hazards to yourself and your neighbors.
  • Prevents disease: Rotting trees and stumps are full of disease and can infect anyone who steps on the property. The diseased plot of land can quickly spread to surrounding areas and attract pests, such as termites. The clearing process will make the property healthier.
  • Attractive land: Prior to clearing, the land is full of trash and dying plants, giving it an ugly appearance. The cleaning process will help its aesthetic appeal, which is one of the best benefits.
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Our land clearing services are performed with the utmost care to your property. By clearing the land, your property can be healthier and more appealing. Our certified arborists can safely and efficiently clear obstructions from your property. Get your free estimate today by giving us a call at (407) 960-4893. Let our team do the work for you.

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