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Air Spading

Healthy Root Flares and Healthy Trees

Although a tree may appear healthy at first glance, the roots below the surface might be telling a different story. In fact, if most or all of the root system is completely below the surface, that could be a sign of a tree in need of some help through root excavation. Experts like those at Advance Tree Pros use a technique called air spading to release portions of the root system that may be covered by dirt, mulch, rocks, or other earthly debris. Tree trunks have a sensitive section where the trunk transitions into the root system that spreads out underground. This is called the root flare, and it is important that it remains above ground. When the root flare is not clearly visible, and it seems that the trunk disappears directly into the ground, excavation may be imperative to maintaining the health of the tree.

What is Air Spading?


Air spading refers to a specific technique professional arborists use to help expose a tree’s root flare and air out roots that are underground. If the root flare has been covered by mulch or dirt for an extended period of time, aerating the roots may be imperative to helping the tree stay healthy. In dire situations, when the entire root system becomes starved of oxygen and other nutrients due to being covered or buried, an otherwise healthy tree could end up dying or decaying to the point where it is dangerous and needs to be removed.

Air Spading

Why Air Spading?

When it is done early enough, air spading is a surefire way of avoiding unnecessary tree removal. Explaining the air spading process and why it is necessary can be difficult to do on paper –check out this video below of Orlando’s top air spading company, Advance Tree Pros to learn more about the process:

As you can see, air spading is an interesting and intricate process that helps expose portions of tree roots that need sunlight and fresh air as well as aerate roots below the surface that may have been deprived of oxygen as a result of a covered root flare. These practices can save a healthy tree from falling ill and needing removal.

Advance Tree Pros – Central Florida’s Air Spading Experts

At Advance Tree Pros, our goal is to avoid unwanted tree removal unless it is absolutely necessary. Our arborists take special care to diagnose and treat potential tree maladies including covered or oxygen-deprived root flares. Not all tree companies are created equally, and only a few companies in the entire state of Florida are licensed arborists. Additionally, our crews have access to state-of-the-art equipment that is difficult or expensive for smaller tree companies to source. This includes the latest and greatest air spades and root aeration equipment. As a result, we can provide an unprecedented level of expertise at a price that is competitive with lesser, ‘mom and pop’ type operations. Contact us today for an estimate or to get more information on our air spading and root excavation services.

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