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Plant Health Care

In today’s urban and suburban environments, trees and shrubs are subjected to many forms of stress.  Poor soil, drought, improper planting techniques, construction damage, and soil compaction all negatively affect trees and shrubs.  Plant Health Care (PHC) is a preservation and recovery process tailored to meet the needs of the trees and shrubs in your landscape.

Most tree health problems are a result of a past environmental stress.  When a tree endures stress, its natural defense system is weakened.  Stressed trees are the preferred targets of insects and disease.  Advanced Tree Pros Treessentials plan plays an important role in disease prevention by providing trees and shrubs with stress-reducing nourishment and medicaments.

Declining tree health is often a result of plant nutrient deficiencies.  Urban soils are continually stripped of organic matter. The decomposition of leaves, wood, grass clippings, etc… replenishes the nutrients used during the growing season.  The effects of undernourishment are usually evident in gradual declining tree vigor.  These low vigor trees are much more likely to attract disease and damaging insects.

The products we use to recover trees and shrubs are researched and patented.  They offer the highest quality nutrients, which are even safe and friendly to newly transplanted trees and shrubs. We also apply medicaments to prevent a broad spectrum of damaging insects.

Professional Certified Arborists (tree doctors) recognize the benefits trees derive from annual feeding and for this reason always emphasize the importance of such a practice.  Medicaments can be added to reduce insect damage, allowing the trees to channel energy into vigor and vitality instead of into fighting off insects and repairing the damage caused.

Trees are assets and when they are well maintained, their value increases over the years.  Trees and shrubs are living organisms that require food and water just as humans do.  Our Treessentials plan provides your trees and shrubs with the nutrients they need for optimum health and vigor.

Plant Health Care is the most important part of any tree maintenance plan.  It is also the most frequently overlooked

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