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Residential Tree Pruning in Orlando FL

Tree Pruning orlando Florida

At Advance Tree Pros, we go above and beyond to enhance a tree’s structural integrity and health.

In order to maintain the attractiveness and value of your property, we recommend tree pruning, the most common tree maintenance service. Incorrect pruning can lead to tree damage or shortening of the tree’s life. When you need a tree trimmed from your yard, you want it done carefully, efficiently, and without any damage done to your property. With a high level of care and an understanding of tree biology, our team of certified arborists is here to help!

Our Pruning Techniques

  • Cleaning: Removal of dying, dead, diseased, infested, and weak tree limbs from the crown of the tree. The most common type of trees that need cleaning are mature, medium-aged trees.
  • Raising: Removal of lower branches from trees to provide clearance for pedestrians, buildings, and vehicles.
  • Reduction:  Reducing the size of the tree by decreasing the length of the stems and branches. These wounds can come with sprouts, decaying, and cracks, so it’s best to perform reduction before the tree becomes too big for its environment.

When We Prune

  • Winter Pruning: Pruning during the winter is the most common practice. The tree structure becomes clearly visible because most leaves have fallen. It’s best to perform this service after the cold weather has passed.
  • Spring Pruning: It’s not good practice to prune during the spring as it can limit the tree’s potential bloom throughout the year. However, it can be performed safely as long as pruning is done minimally, such as when their flowers fade.
  • Summer Pruning: Summertime trims are done for corrective and structural purposes. A summertime shape-up directs the growth by slowing branches you don’t want and cuts down the amount of pruning you’ll need to do later in the year.
  • Fall Pruning: Because decay fungi spread their pores during the fall, pruning is not recommended during this season. The trees are trying to hunker down at this time of the year, not grow.

Our tree trimming services are performed with the utmost care to your property. By trimming your trees during dormant seasons, your trees will be healthier throughout the year. Our certified arborists can safely and efficiently trim trees on your property.

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