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Commercial Tree Pruning Orlando

As a business owner, we know you’re busy and have tree pruning low on your to-do list. Let an experienced Advance Tree Pros expert do the job for you. Routine tree pruning is considered even more important for commercial properties due to liability. Don’t risk the possibility of a tree falling on a person or equipment — give Advance Tree Pros a call for a professional consultation.

Our Pruning Process

  1. First, we clean or remove dying, dead, diseased, infected, and weak tree limbs from the crowd of the tree. This technique is most commonly done to mature, middle-aged trees.
  2. Next, we perform a technique called raising, which is the removal of lower branches from trees to provide clearance for pedestrians, buildings, and vehicles. As a commercial property owner, you’ll want to take these necessary steps to prevent the risk of someone getting injured or something getting damaged.
  3. Reduction is decreasing the size of the tree by shortening the length of the stems and branches. These wounds can come with sprouts, decaying, and cracks, so it’s best to perform reduction before the tree becomes too big for its environment.

When We Prune

Pruning should be done in the winter and summer. Winter is the most common practice, as it is when the tree structure becomes more visible as most leaves have fallen. It’s best to perform this service after the cold weather has passed. Summertime shape-ups are for corrective and structural purposes. It allows you to direct the growth by slowing the branches you don’t want. Spring pruning is not recommended as it can limit the potential of the tree’s blooming throughout the year. Because decay fungi spread their pores during the fall, pruning is not recommended during this season.

Our tree trimming services are performed with the utmost care to your property. By trimming the trees at your business, you reduce the risk of injury and damage. Our certified arborists can safely and efficiently trim trees on your property. Get your free estimate today by giving us ( ) a call at (407) 960-4893. Let our team do the work for you.

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