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How to Spot a Tree Hazard That Needs Winter Park Tree Service

By Advance Tree Pros

A Winter Park tree service can be used to prune or remove hazardous trees that are a risk to people, animals, property, and vehicles. Knowing how to tell when a tree has become dangerous is important. When you can spot the warning signs, you’ll be able to take quick action, preventing the worst-case scenario and potentially saving money in the process.

There are some key signs that will tell you when it’s time to call a Winter Park tree service company. Stay vigilant with the following tips and you’ll always have peace of mind.

Call a Tree Service When You Discover Rot and Decay at the Base of the Trunk

Rot and any type of decay around the base or higher up the trunk is an indicator that a tree needs to be inspected. Rot and disease will compromise the strength of a tree. Even if the tree appears to be stable, a strong wind could topple it. Severe decay could even cause a tree to fall under its own weight, without any outside influence from wind or other factors.

If a tree simply doesn’t look healthy, then it probably isn’t. Always call a tree service at Winter Park.

Dead Limbs Can Indicate a Problem with a Tree

Winter Park tree service companyFalling limbs can be a clear giveaway that a tree is in poor health. While most trees shed smaller limbs and twigs from time to time, excessive shedding or large fallen limbs could be a sign of disease, insect infestation, or another problem that is compromising the strength and stability of the tree.

Inspect fallen limbs and twigs to check for their health. Dead limbs will be dry and deceptively light for their size. Twigs should bend slightly in a healthy tree. If they are brittle and easily snap, then that can indicate a problem with the health of the tree.

Call a Winter Park tree service for a complete inspection, and you won’t have to worry about the unexpected happening.

Split Tops Are Dangerous on Large Trees

Trees that have developed with split tops are more likely to fail than normal trees with a single main trunk. Split tops will continually compete for the most light, and this ongoing battle could compromise the strength of both tops.

If you have a split top tree on your property, then it’s best to call a Winter Park tree service company to perform an inspection. In most cases, the tree can simply be pruned, removing one of the tops to ensure that the tree grows straight and healthy.

Uncorrected Lean with a Straight Trunk

Trees can sometimes grow on an angle and curve back on themselves. They do this usually when growing close to other trees that are competing for light at the top of the canopy. A tree that grows back on itself is not typically hazardous, and the curve in the trunk can actually be an indicator that it is fighting strong.

However, trees that have grown on an angle with a straight trunk are hazardous. Weight will not be evenly distributed, and the tree is likely to uproot and topple, causing destruction to anything in its path.

Straight trunk trees on a lean always need an inspection, so be sure to call for Winter Park tree pruning if you notice a tree of this type on your property.

Large Trees That are Overhanging Buildings, Pathways, and Other Property

Winter Park tree pruningThere doesn’t necessarily have to be something wrong with a tree for it to be considered dangerous. Trees that overhang property may be attractive, but they’re also risky because any strong wind or major weather event could send them crashing towards the ground or anything else that’s in the way.

Overgrown trees that are threatening buildings and other property should be inspected by a Winter Park tree service company. Pruning may be all that’s needed to make a tree safe again. In some cases, removal may be necessary, which is always a better option than taking a risk.

Whether you’ve found something unusual about a tree on your property, or if you’ve noticed any of the warning signs, then it’s time to talk to the professionals.

If you’re asking yourself, what are the best tree services near me, then you’ll love the team at Advance Tree Pros. Professional, fully insured, and ready to deliver the best Winter Park tree services, we’re the team to talk to when you want dangerous tree removal or pruning at your home or place of business.