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When to Remove Trees from a Commercial Property

By Advance Tree Pros
dead tree

Proper landscaping can breathe life into otherwise bland properties, but unmaintained plant life can have the opposite effect. It’s important to keep up with tree trimming and pruning so your commercial property will not be filled with signs of plant decay. Not only are dying trees unsightly, they can also be dangerous. There are several reasons why commercial tree removal may be the best option., including:

Risk of Property Damage

To determine whether it is time to remove a tree, take a look at where it’s growing. Buildings, cars and electrical lines have coexisted with trees for centuries, but they can be too close together. If a tree is growing too close to a building, a strong wind hitting the tree can cause serious damage. With close proximity to electrical lines, the dangers vary from electrocution of workers to loss of power, which comes with other associated risks. 

trees near wires

Risk of Personal Injury

If a tree falls on a car, there will be financial and possibly emotional injury, but ultimately, a car can be replaced. However, if a tree finds its way into a building with people inside, it could seriously injure them. Even worse, if a tree falls on a pedestrian, that person could experience major injuries or even death. Therefore, if a tree is in a precarious position, the best step your business can take is to remove it. 

Keep Your Building Up to Code

Every city has different ordinances regarding trees, and as experts on all things tree-related, our team can help you keep your building up to code. Tree regulations specify everything from safe tree height to number of trees that can be removed or planted on a commercial property. Staying up to code will not only save you from violations, but it could help with your reputation. If the trees surrounding your property look lively and healthy, it could help lead to more business. 

dead tree on ground

Signs That it’s Time

While an arborist will know for sure if a tree should stay or go, there are some telltale signs that you can look out for as a business owner:

  • Look for signs of infection: Cracks, misshapen or discolored leaves, and fungi growth are a few signs that your tree might be infected.
  • Large, dead branches: If branches start falling for no apparent reason, or 50% or more of the tree is clearly dead, it’s time to remove it. 
  • Sudden leaning: This is not necessarily a bad sign, as some trees naturally lean. However, new leaning could be a sign of structural damage.
  • Too close to power lines: These are an obvious hazard and should be removed.
  • Too close to buildings: Large trees should be kept 20 feet away from buildings. If your tree is leaning over a building or too close to one, start with pruning, and if it keeps growing that way, it’s time for a professional commercial tree removal.

Our commercial tree removal experts at Advance Tree Pros can help assess the risk your trees are causing and remove them if necessary. If you think it might be time to trim, prune, or remove a tree on your commercial property, give us a call at 407-960-4893 or contact us online to request a quote.