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Tree Removal for Playgrounds

By Advance Tree Pros

Having trees around your home or office, or in other public spaces such as parks, libraries, and museums, makes the surroundings look green and beautiful. Trees can have lush foliage, colorful flowers, or delicious fruit. They clean the air and provide shade, besides having many other advantages. So there are many great reasons to plant trees in outdoor spaces.

As with everything else, trees need regular maintenance and care to stay healthy. In a forest, trees may fall or get damaged, but the consequences of that may not be that serious. But if trees around homes or in public places fall or pose a danger in any way, the consequences can be deadly. Damage to people and property can be immense. Therefore, having trees near buildings requires more upkeep. One place that may require tree removal is playgrounds.

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Risks and Hazards

Playgrounds are areas where children run around freely and families come to enjoy the outdoors. Playgrounds need to be safe with plenty of space for running, swings, and other play equipment for kids to enjoy. Having trees in playgrounds can pose many risks. Some of these include:

  • Overgrown trees may break due to weak branches.
  • Trees can be vulnerable to pest attacks and diseases which require the regular attention of qualified professionals before they become dangerous to people and things around.
  • Trees can have overgrown branches or visible roots on the ground that can be a hazard.
  • Storms can cause damage to trees, making them weak, and thus dangerous.
  • Lack of regular trimming and not taking steps to keep the foliage healthy can make trees risky for the playground.

Keeping playgrounds safe

Tree management is taking care of trees in the right way and at the right time. Professional tree service companies such as Advance Tree Pros in Florida have the skills to deal with any problem with any type of tree. Our team of professionals is trained in all aspects of tree care. Whether regular maintenance services are required, or tree removal becomes essential, we can take care of all tree care needs.

Imagine a child sitting under a tree or trying to climb upon it, and having a loose branch fall on him/her. The chances of getting injured in such a situation are very high. Needless to say, keeping playgrounds safe is of the utmost importance. If that means not having trees in the playground, or calling us for the best tree removal services Orlando has, keeping playgrounds safe for kids is the top priority.

Advance Tree Pros provide complete tree care services

tree removal services OrlandoAs a company committed to being 100% green, we prefer to preserve trees rather than cut them down. Our team includes ISA certified arborists who are experts in planting, caring for, and maintaining trees. So you know you are getting the best service with Advance Tree Pros. Not only do we use our knowledge and skills to provide premier services, but we also use the proper equipment to carry out the work.

Some companies use improper or faulty equipment to cut costs, but that means your work will not get done properly and may also require additional work and expense later on. Especially for places like playgrounds, you need to make sure that the trees are being taken care of in the best way possible so that they provide complete safety and peace of mind for children and parents spending time there.

Knowing how, and which branches to cut without harming the tree, while also maintaining safety, requires expertise. So when hiring a tree service, you should verify that they are trained, insured, experienced, have certified credentials, and come with good references. At Advance Tree Pros, we have all of these and more.

We provide fast and precise services at reasonable prices. For tree removal, stump removal, pruning, mulching, trimming, land clearing, and other services just call us at 407-960-4893 and let us know how we can help you. We would be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. Our hard work and dedication to being the most dependable and green tree care service have earned us the reputation of being the leading tree removal company in Orlando.