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Questions to Ask Before You Chop Down a Mature Tree

By Advance Tree Pros

Mature trees are important assets to the community and us. Huge, old trees offer service and beauty, shading our homes during summer, enhancing water and air quality, increasing property value, and contributing to the livability and safety of our neighborhood.

In spite of their advantages, they can be sources of hazards and accidents if they aren’t in great physical condition. Thankfully, our reliable tree service company in Orlando will help you make an informed decision. Here’s a list of questions you should ask before cutting a mature tree.

Is the Tree a Cause of Structural Damage?

Orlando Tree ServiceTrees have the potential of growing to the surface and changing the property’s drainage pattern. In some instances, they could obstruct water and prevent it from running away from your yard or home. Silver maples are known for this, and it’s almost impossible to rectify the issue without cutting through numerous roots, causing tree injury.

Bear in mind that weakened limbs can potentially damage your property and injure people. In this case, Orlando Tree Service Company will inform you whether removal is the right option.

If you plant a tree too close to your home, it could also lift a walk, so it’s imperative you weigh the inconvenience or damage a tree could cause with the value of maintaining it. Our experts will also establish whether it’s possible to alleviate the issue with the least tree damage.

Does the tree make your property hard to use?

If your tree prevents you from doing what you want, then tree cutting might be the solution. However, you should first attempt to integrate it into your plans. You can incorporate the trunk into a patio or deck design.

The effect of creating an opening in a deck for tree growth is pleasing. You could also lay a patio on stone dust rather than the concrete around the roots. This will ensure the tree’s health while giving you the recreation or entertainment area you’ve always wanted, with the added advantage of a shade tree.

You can integrate your tall plant in different ways. It can provide numerous benefits as your garden’s canopy. Hang a birdhouse or swing; join landscape lighting to shine onto a yard or patio, giving the moonlight appearance; or produce other aesthetic grounds to leave the mature tree as part of the landscape design.

Is it invading other people’s personal space?

If we discover the tree is encroaching upon water pipes or power lines, Orlando Tree Service will determine whether to cut it back or remove it. Similarly, if it’s positioned too close to your home, it might be wearing out its welcoming capacity.

Remember, trees that are pressed too closely against homes tend to encourage mold development on the wall area. Once established, the mold development could easily penetrate into your home’s interior, causing a costly and dangerous problem. In each of these instances, tree removal by our experts will prevent huge problems later. You simply need to contact us and we’ll provide the most efficient solution.

Are the branches overhanging on the Property?

Orlando Tree ServiceOne of the most apparent indications that a tree needs removal is when its branches are overhanging the property. If these branches break off throughout a storm, they could fall on your property, damaging the siding and gutter system.

Beware that roof repair can be costly and it might be worth eliminating the tree to protect your investment. However, it’s important to note that we don’t cut down all trees whose branches are overhanging.

If the tree’s branches are small, it’s possible to trim them and save your tree. However, if you find the huge branches or upper section of the trunk leaning towards a building, we recommend tree removal.

Is the Tree Diseased?

Sick trees are usually hazardous on the property. A tree that displays indications of disease must undergo removal or treatment to stop it from falling on your property. When examining a tree’s health, watch out for these signs: rotten roots, discolored or yellow leaves with no veins, and strange-looking nodules.

Diseases make trees susceptible to additional infection, which could cause their fall. Fortunately, our tree specialists will inspect your tree and establish the best measure to take depending on the condition’s severity.

For the valuable and varied benefits they offer, trees are an investment worth regular maintenance and care. Similar to any investment, you must make careful decisions to ensure their long-term health. Consequently, you should consider the services of our qualified arborists before cutting down a mature tree.