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Why You Should Have That Tree Removed Before the Next Storm Season

By Advance Tree Pros

When a massive storm blows through it can be both epic and terrifying to see the winds picking up and blasting through a landscape. Hearing the crack of thunder as it’s coming down or the sickening snap of a large tree branch crashing to the ground. Mother nature has a way of reminding us we can only control so much before she unleashes her fury upon the world. We always recommend people look into tree removal before the next storm season hits, but we’re often asked why it’s so important and necessary. Well, here are a few points we wanted to share about having a tree removed and why it will probably end up being not only better for your overall safety, but the well-being of those around you too.

Before the Storm – Look at the Health of Your Tree

Tree RemovalOur tree removal services in Orlando are here to help people to deal with their trees when they need to be removed and lack the resources to do it themselves. We’re here to help and with plenty of experience under our belts about the business, we know what signs to look out for if a tree is ready to withstand a storm or not. You want to keep an eye on the health of your tree because there are noticeable signs that will show whether it can withstand a storm just fine or whether there’s a risk of it toppling over at the first sign of high winds.

Characteristics your tree is susceptible to storm damage can be numerous and some of them you may have to inspect your tree to see if it will be an issue in the future or not. Common signs you can find from a cursory inspection are lopsided tree tops, rots in the branches or stems, the tree has a large number of twigs or small branches, and if there has been damage done to the tree due to poor maintenance. If there are a large number of twigs and small branches you may want to consider having these trimmed because this creates a sail effect that can cause the tree to come crashing down in a high wind.

What Are Major Signs that Call for Immediate Action for Tree Removal or Maintenance?

Another inquiry we hear frequently for people searching for tree removal services in Orlando is what signs should they keep an eye out for that call for immediate action? These signs can be numerous as we stated before, but they’re more noticeable and often people will use their own judgment to give us a call to come out and take care of the tree.

Trees that need to be removed immediately are ones that have splits or large cracks in their root system since they no longer of a solid foundation to keep them standing upright. Tree branches that have need to be removed immediately as well since the rot can spread to the rest of the tree. Other risks you should look out for is if your tree branches interfere with the power lines at all and keeping an eye on the angles of the branches. The best angles for a tree are the two o’clock and ten o’clock positions since this provides the tree with greater stability whereas branches that are close together and weaker can lead to issues down the line.

We offer our tree removal services because we have experience in the industry to help people to prune their trees and remove them if necessary. Keep an eye out for these signs because you don’t want to put yourself, your loved ones, or your home at risk when a storm blows through. Tree branches are at risk of falling down during a storm, so please give us a call so we can get started on making the area around your home safer.