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Tree Branch Hazards to Watch For Trees

By Advance Tree Pros

Trees on the property can be stunning and offer the necessary shade throughout summer. However, falling and dead branches can cause damage to structures, buildings, power lines, vehicles, and even people.

In this case, it’s best you contact our tree service to offer professional advice regarding the tree, which may require removal. Remember, maintaining healthy, structurally sound, and pruned trees help decrease accidents especially before the storm.

Once you recognize a tree hazard, it’s important you contact Tree Service Company in Orlando for a professional assessment. Our expert arborists will inform you of the measures to take. Here’s a list of hazards to watch for.


Orlando Tree Removal ServicesSince the wood in a dead tree isn’t replenished with moisture or nutrients from the roots, wood can become vulnerable to breakage and brittle. Injuries arising from falling limbs or branches can range from bruises and minor cuts to fatal in nature.

If the dead tree is on your property and somebody sustains injuries from falling limbs or branches, you might be liable for the injured party’s medical costs, suffering, and pain. To avoid unnecessary expenses, you’d rather engage a reliable tree cutting service to tackle this problem.

Damage to Utility and Power Lines

Since dead trees are vulnerable to breakage, nearby utility and power lines could face damage if your tree were to lose a huge limb or branch or fall down altogether. Utility and power outages could occur, affecting you and several of your neighbors.

This could also leave the elderly and those who rely on electric medical devices in danger should they experience a power loss. Additionally, if telephone lines experienced damage, the 911 emergency systems would be affected, further endangering people in your neighborhood.

It’s also important to note that electrical lines could do more than merely cut the power to your home. An electric spark could begin a fire in your property or tree. In the event that the fallen branch conceals the line, accidental electrocution might occur.

Property Damage

If a dead tree or any of its limbs or branches fall onto your home, garage, or vehicle, the ensuing damage could be catastrophic. Besides possibly causing injuries to pets and people, it could cost thousands or more to repair. In the event that your tree falls on your neighbor’s property, you could be liable for the repair costs and any resulting injuries.

Broken Limbs or Partially Attached

Excess snow, a weak trunk attachment, or strong winds could break limbs. If you spot a broken limb or one that’s not fully attached, it’s advisable you contact our professional arborists from Tree Service Orlando to take out the limb as fast as possible. This will eliminate the likelihood of falling on your property or anybody on your property.

Branches or Trunks with Open Cavities

An open cavity in your tree’s trunk or branches is a major indication of a tree hazard. That’s because it indicates that the tree is diseased. Consequently, the limb might fall off or the remainder of the tree might start dying or decaying. Something that might begin as a small hole in your tree could become a huge gaping hole fast in your tree.

Dead or Dying Branches

Branches can die due to a lack of water or light. They could also die because of a wound or disease in your tree. These limbs are usually very weak and generate a major hazard. It doesn’t take much for them to fall and land on whatever’s below them.

The higher and bigger the branches, the more destruction they could cause. Massive limbs could even fall on and break limbs beneath it, leaving the remainder of your tree to possible death. The elimination of these branches needs to take place as soon as possible.

Numerous Branches Growing from One point on the Trunk

When numerous tree branches grow from one point, this produces a weak attachment to your tree and produces the possibility of a hazard. Something like a strong wind could send the tree’s limb flying off onto your home, vehicle, or electrical line. When you spot something like this, contact our professional arborist immediately for further inspection.

Old Wounds with Rot or Decay

Wounds in a tree could arise from the carving of a tree’s bark or nail removal from the trunk. Irrespective of where the wound arose, it produces the likelihood of the tree or branch dying. In these instances, you might only have to eliminate the branch from your tree. Our expert arborist can help you further in decision-making.

If you suspect any of these hazards on your property, contact us for assistance.