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Three Signs It’s Time To Get That Tree Trimmed

By Advance Tree Pros

The trees on your property add a lot of visual interest and beauty to your home, so you’ve got to keep them looking good. As well as this, keeping them well maintained can actually make them safer, and keep them healthier. How can you know it’s time to trim your trees? Here are three indications that it’s time to start pruning.

1. It’s Growing Too Large

Orlando tree pruning serviceThe best indication that your tree needs trimming is that it’s starting to grow too large. You want to keep a tree under your control, or it can become more of a problem later on.

Keeping on top of trimming your tree means that you can trim it without causing major damage. Some homeowners have been known to cut the entire top of a tree off, which is usually called ‘topping‘. This is a bad idea, as it can cause stress to the tree and potentially make it unsafe.

You want to trim your tree before it grows into any areas it shouldn’t, too. For example, you want to trim branches before they start overhanging your roof. If they manage that, then they can start dropping leaves into your guttering, causing blockages and even damage to the roof itself.

2. You’re Seeing Signs Of Disease

No matter how careful you are with your tree, you may start seeing signs of disease on them. When this happens, you want to cut away the diseased area as quickly as you can. This stops the disease from spreading.

Depending on the tree, you may see white spots on the leaves, where they haven’t been able to get enough sunlight or have otherwise died off. There may also be white fungal growth, or a white powdery substance, that indicates that the tree has a disease. The disease can even spread to the branches, so make sure you’re looking carefully. Any diseased area you find should be cut away to prevent the rest of the tree from becoming infected too.

3. There’s Been A Storm Recently

It’s highly recommended that you look at tree cutting if your area has recently been through a storm. This is true even if you’ve only just recently inspected that tree. A storm can cause more damage than you’d think, and you need to be on top of it before it can cause more problems.

Look for branches that have been broken or bent in the storm, as they will need to be cut away. If they’re left there, they can present a safety hazard to your home, or anyone who walks nearby. Cutaway the branches, even if it makes the tree looks strange afterward. New growth will come in and fill in those gaps. If you over prune the tree, then it can actually cause more damage in the long run.

Why You Need To Prune Your Tree Regularly

Tree TrimmedTree pruning is essential to keeping it strong and healthy. If you leave a branch that’s infected with a disease or is just overgrowing, then you could find that tree’s going to cause you a lot of trouble. Regular pruning stops these incidents from happening and keeps your tree healthy.

Pruning your trees is also essential for the health of other plants and trees in your property. If a tree is allowed to grow too large, it can affect the growth of other plants, and even choke them out entirely. Keep them pruned and your tree will not compromise the health of your other greenery.

Hiring The Experts

Not too sure about how to prune your tree? Don’t know how to inspect it and see if it needs cutting back? If this sounds like you, then you should hire an Orlando tree pruning service, such as us here at Advance Tree Pros. We’ll be able to come and have a look at your trees for you and tell you where and when they need pruning. We’ll take on the job for you, reaching the higher branches you can’t get alone and even taking away the waste once we’re done.

Follow this advice and you’ll know exactly when your trees need to be pruned. Keep a close eye on them, and you’ll keep those trees healthy.