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Three Reasons That Tree Might Have To Go

By Advance Tree Pros

Is that tree in your yard looking the worse for wear? Maybe it’s getting on in age, or bad weather has damaged it. In some cases, you can simply prune the damaged parts of the tree, but in others, that tree will have to come down. How can you know? Here are three reasons you’ll want to hire an Orlando tree removal company and get that tree taken down.

1. The Tree Is Too Close To Your Home

Orlando tree removal serviceHaving a tree near your home can be pleasant, especially when birds are nesting in it and you can hear them coming and going. Often, though, they can pose a risk to your home that you shouldn’t ignore.

Firstly, you need to consider your roof. Overhanging branches can drop leaves into the guttering, blocking it. Water then overflows and causes damage to the roof timbers, leaving them prone to rot. If there’s a heavy storm, branches could even come down and damage your roof.

As well as this, there can be issues with trees not letting in light to your home. You may have a window in the perfect spot, but if that tree is blocking the view, then it’s a problem. If the tree is close enough to touch the siding, then it can start encouraging mold growth.

In short, there’s a lot of reasons why you don’t want a tree growing too close to your home. Issues can be avoided if you prune your tree regularly, but sometimes it’s much easier to have it cut down.

2. The Tree Is Diseased

Disease can happen to any tree, and that’s something you don’t want to delay in dealing with. Diseased trees often become a safety hazard as they become structurally unsound. If that tree is close to your home, or to any areas on your property you use often, then you need to start getting it examined right away.

You can often tell a tree is diseased by observing the leaves. It may lose the leaves early in fall, earlier than the other trees in the area. The leaves may also grow in discolored or lacking veins. Examine the bark, too. Odd lumps in the trunk of the tree, or fungus growing on it, can be a clear tip that the tree is diseased.

To know for sure, you’ll need to talk to an Orlando tree removal service and ask them to come to look at the tree for you. They’ll examine it and give you their opinion. In some cases, you may be able to save the tree, but it’s best to listen to the experts.

3. The Tree Is Damaged

tree removal services OrlandoWhen you live in an area prone to high winds and bad weather, your trees are at risk. After a storm, it’s common to find your trees have some loose branches, or that branches have blown away. In these cases, once you’ve safely removed the broken branches the tree is perfectly safe again. However, a storm could spell the end for your tree.

Whether you remove a tree or not will depend on the extent of the damage done to the tree during the storm. If many major branches have come down, the tree may be structurally unstable. Being unstable, it’s likely that it could fall and cause major damage. In this case, you’ll want to take the tree down.

If you’re not sure, take a look at the tree after the storm. If there are a lot of branches missing or broken in the upper crown of the tree, it may not grow back the same way. Because of this, it may become unbalanced, or even die off. Again, you’ll want to call in tree removal services in Orlando. They’ll have the expertise to tell you whether that tree can be saved, or whether it’ll need to come down.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to tell when your tree needs to be removed, rather than simply pruned or cared for. It’s sad to see a tree removed from your property, but when your safety and the safety of your home is at risk, you have to make the right choice.