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What to Do When Tree Pruning Won’t Cut It

By Advance Tree Pros

Trees enhance shade and beauty to a landscape design and it’s important you hire Orlando Tree Service for proper care and maintenance. An important step in tree maintenance is hiring a pruning service regularly.

In particular, Orlando Tree Pruning will boost your trees’ health while enhancing the look of your landscape design. Our arborists have the experience and tools to trim your trees efficiently and safely. Here’s what you need to know about the important maintenance work.

Ways to Maintain Healthy Trees beside Pruning

Tree PruningEffective Watering

Well-established mature trees will probably flourish in existing moisture and soil conditions. However, an extended drought could destroy them, depending on the soil conditions, species, and local climate. Consequently, it’s important you maintain your trees’ overall health so they’ll be more resilient once a stressful drought comes.

Protect the bark

Your tree’s bark is like a living armor that protects it. Damaging it makes it easy for bacterial or fungal infections to arise and harm your tree by internal rotting. Sources of bark damage include lawn equipment, rubbing branches, and vehicles.

The Different Kinds of Pruning

Crown Thinning

It entails the selective elimination of branches throughout the crown to avoid changing the crown’s shape considerably. This method enhances air circulation and light penetration throughout the crown. It’s imperative to work throughout the tree’s crown, including the external edges.

Remember, the elimination of too many branches from the crown’s center could lead to a tree with poor structure. Moreover, it could lead to long, thin branches with minimal foliage in the lower areas.

Crown Lifting

This involves the removal of lower branches in the tree’s crown. This frequently happens to offer clearance, over roads or paths for instance, or at times to permit additional light to pass under the crown. This method frequently has a restricted impact on a tree’s amenity because it doesn’t alter the more noticeable parts of the tree’s crown.

Conversely, lower branches are usually larger, making the wounds bigger; this could affect the tree’s health adversely.

Crown Cleaning

This method comprises the selective removal of dying, dead, or diseased branches from the tree’s crown. As your tree develops, you’ll occasionally find water sprouts and defective branches in the crown. If you don’t remove these in a timely way, the condition might worsen and affect the tree’s overall health.

Benefits of Pruning


If you take pride in your yard and the property’s appearance, the most apparent reason for tree pruning is reshaping it so it can be more attractive. Trees grow annually, producing additional or longer branches. Orlando Tree Service Company has the skills, knowledge, and tools to cut back and eliminate branches safely in order to enhance the trees’ appearance on your property.


A tree’s structure is more important than its appearance. We can examine a tree and establish what needs removal to keep a tree stable and strong. Structurally unstable trees could damage cars, buildings, and other trees. Moreover, they could injure people. Having our professional tree service thin or prune your trees decreases the likelihood of damage.


Orlando Tree Service CompanyOne of the most significant reasons to have our professionals maintain your trees is that we’re informed about the signs of a sick tree. Our extensive training enables us to identify an area that’s infested with insects or is rotting and dying, posing a possible health hazard to your property and you.

We’re experienced in pruning diseased or broken branches to sustain a healthy structure while avoiding damage or the tree’s destruction. In the event that we discover the rot or insect damage is very extensive, we can recommend tree removal to prevent injury or damage to pets, property, or people.


Most property or homeowners lack the ladders and necessary tools to thin or prune trees safely and effectively. Consequently, they’re likely to harm themselves in attempting to perform tree maintenance. We have the equipment to perform this task effectively and safely.

If your trees look like they need pruning, perhaps it’s time you contacted our professional company to take the stress off your hands. We’ll ensure we leave your trees and yard looking healthy and attractive respectively.