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Orlando Tree Service Company: Three Tools To Keep On Hand For Pruning

By Advance Tree Pros

Benefits of Tree Trimming in OrlandoTo keep your trees healthy and alive, they will need continued care throughout their lifetime.
Because most of a tree’s health has to do with its branches, it is crucial to maintain the limbs well. Not only are the branches indicators of the tree’s health, but also keeping the branches maintained and trimmed will keep it healthy and looking great.
Tree branches that cross pose a threat as bark gets rubbed off, allowing insects inside and exposing the tree’s “flesh” to the weather. Pruning or trimming your trees can solve this problem, and keeps the trees looking maintained and pretty.

Any broken branches and deadwood on the tree should be removed, too, so the tree can self-heal…a broken or dead branch is a wound and allows the tree to be exposed to weather and insects where the bark is peeled back.
As a general rule of thumb, if a tree is too dense to see through, it should be pruned and thinned out. Dense branches are dangerous as they are more likely to get caught by the wind and cause damage. Keeping a tree trimmed will also keep the tree light and growing freely. If left unattended, the branches can grow so big that they break under their own weight, causing more problems.

Call the Orlando Tree Service Company for big tree problems

When it comes to doing light maintenance on your trees yourself, a majority of your work will be done using pruning shears. These will cut small limbs and branches and are quite helpful for getting into small, hard-to-reach places.

Loppers are necessary tools, too, although they are bigger, heavier, and have longer handles for reaching higher, larger boughs.
A hand saw is important for when you need to remove saplings or larger branches that are too thick for the pruning shears or loppers.
A pole saw pole pruner, chainsaw, and hedge shears are not usually necessary. If you are collecting landscape tools, these would be good to have, but they are not needed in your general tree maintenance.

For any issue you are not equipped to handle by yourself, the tree service in Orlando is happy to assist with a tree or give advice. We offer a variety of services and it is our goal is to leave your property looking and feeling healthier after our tree service.

The Orlando Tree Service Company has you covered from broken branches to tree removal

Orlando Tree Removal TechniquesWe offer a wide range of services, ready to fill any need you have, from removing old stumps and trees to clearing away tangled shrubs and pruning overgrown bushes.

We specialize in tree cutting, tree removal, tree trimming, land clearing, grapple truck services, and a recycling center, so you can have the healthy, beautiful environment you want. We also provide a crane service; to reach certain places, and we even replace the trees we remove if you want us to!

If a living tree is cut down but the stump is still planted in the ground, it will likely start growing back. This is why the Advance Tree Pros offer stump removal, so do not worry about stumps sprouting again.

The Orlando Tree Service will protect you, your home, and your property

Working with trees is one of the most dangerous jobs in America so whether it is removing an overhead limb from above your house, pulling out a stump, or removing unwanted trees and debris from your land, your safety, and your satisfaction are our greatest priority. Let the professionals help. With our experienced crew, we have qualified staff for every job; we have ISA-certified arborists, and we are 100% insured for all projects.

We are proud to be a locally owned and operated company with free, no-obligation estimates. We even give free, same-day estimates, too. With our upfront pricing and no hidden fees, extra charges will not surprise you. We are professional, courteous, and vow to be on time. We offer only the best quality at the Tree Service in Orlando so call any of our locations in Tampa, Orlando, or Daytona or visit our website for more information.