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The Hardest Trees to Cut down in Florida 

By Advance Tree Pros

TreesNot all trees are created equal and neither are tree chippers. Some are equipped to handle tough trees, while others can barely handle branches and twigs. At Winter Park Tree Service company, we know a thing or two about tough trees. From palm trees to eucalyptus trees, Florida has a wide range of tropical trees that can be difficult to remove and cut down. If you have a large, obstructive tree in your yard, find out if it’s one of the hardest trees to cut down.

Melaleuca Trees

Also known as punk trees, tea trees, and honey myrtle trees, this tree is native to Australia but recently introduced to Florida. They’re extremely invasive and have spread all over Florida’s state forests. What makes this tree so particularly difficult to cut down is the fact that they require a large commercial-grade chipper. The good news is that Melaleuca wood chips are the most termite resistant of all wood chips. This makes them a very popular option for landscaping and can be sold to landscapers and homeowners.

Palm Trees

So dreamy and exotic. While they may be beautiful to look at and yeah they make great Instagram photos, at Winter Park Tree Service, we know better. These trees are a huge challenge to dispose of. That’s because palm tree trunks are some of the most difficult tree material to run through a wood chipper. The texture and density of this wood are what make it very difficult to chip. However, the resulting chips are great for fuel. To remove this tree requires a commercial-grade chipper shredder.


Sometimes it seems more like a bush than an actual tree, but bamboo falls under the hard to cut category. Even though bamboo is really zen, it, like melaleuca trees, can be extremely invasive and cause a lot of issues for home and business owners alike. Freshly cut green bamboo is extremely dense and heavy. It requires a heavy duty commercial chipper with a knife blade that is four to six inches long and rectangular in shape. The good news is, bamboo chips are extremely eco-friendly and are easy to replenish.

Eucalyptus Trees

Found worldwide, Eucalyptus trees grow in Florida. In fact, there are three different eucalyptus tree species in Florida right now. These trees are basically clad in armor thanks to their super thick and strong trunks. This tree requires a heavy duty commercial grade chipper shredder. Even the leaves can be difficult to get rid of. The bark is extremely stringy and fibrous and the leaves cannot be put through the shredder. Winter Park Tree pruning can help you get rid of your eucalyptus tree or simply prune it and keep it in shape and check.

Something to Consider…

Winter Park Tree ServiceFlorida has some of the most strict tree cutting and pruning laws in the nation. Many of the trees here are protected or require city permission prior to pruning or cutting down. Before you start removing a tree it’s important to consult the city or an expert to determine if your tree is protected under state law. At Winter Park Tree Service Company we can help you determine what are the next best steps for you and your tree problems. Depending on if it’s a protected tree or not will determine if and how it can be cut down as well as how much or how little it can be pruned. We will happily find out if your tree is protected under state law.

No matter what type of tree you have, all trees require maintenance like care and trimming. Winter Park Tree Service helps to keep your trees happy and healthy. Proper tree maintenance is essential for you and your home’s safety. Proper maintenance can enhance the tree’s branch structure, correct any significant damage, prevent safety problems, and improve the general appearance. Whether you have one of the toughest trees to cut down or a simple tree, there’s no tree too big or too tall that we can’t handle. Call us today to find out how we can help you take care of the trees in your lawn today.