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What You Need to Know About Tree Removal Safety

By Advance Tree Pros

When a property owner decides to remove a tree from their premises, it is quite an involved decision. They have to make sure that they know the rules of their city and HOA regarding permits, restrictions, and requirements for tree replacement if any. When deciding to remove a tree, if the tree is large enough to require that your feet leave the ground, the smartest decision is to hire a qualified Orlando tree removal company. Advance Tree Pros is your top choice for fast, friendly, quality tree service in the Orlando area. Tree removal safety is among one of the most important things to consider before beginning the tree removal process. One main consideration that must not be overlooked is the contact with power lines in the tree removal process. Another important thing to consider is common hazards that can create obstacles in the process. Finally, the property owner should consider alertness and awareness for all that are involved.

Power Line Contact

tree removal services of Orlando FloridaTree removal is a job that should always be handled with care to ensure that all parties involved are safe in the process. Upon the initial tree removal process, you or your authorized representative should first contact the utility company and ensure that power lines are de-energized by grounding or shielding. If the tree removal work is done within ten feet of a power line, it is imperative to hire a trained and experienced line clearance tree trimmer. Our tree removal services of Orlando Florida are performed by a highly trained staff that can guarantee a safe removal process. Our technicians are educated on maintaining the proper minimum approach distances when working around energized power lines. They also understand the importance of using extreme caution when moving tree trimming equipment and ladders around all downed power lines and trees.

Common Tree Removal Hazards

It is important to know the most common tree removal hazards affiliated with this task to protect all that is involved. First and foremost, it is important to perform an initial hazard assessment before the work begins. All workers must be properly trained and certified in this task before attempting to operate chainsaws and other heavy-duty equipment. Additionally, tree removal equipment and tools must be properly maintained. Our technicians are not only properly trained to avoid hazards, but when providing you with tree removal services in Orlando Florida they show up prepared with all of the proper safety gear such as gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, and hearing protection.

Alertness and Awareness

Maintaining alertness and awareness is key in the tree removal process to ensure safety. Always make sure that before starting any tree trimming process that there are no dangerous weather conditions expected for that day. When analyzing your workspace, always determine the tree’s falling direction and address any issues that may arise with forwarding leaning, side leaning or back leaning trees. Tree workers must also pre-determine the proper amount of hinge wood that they will need to guide the tree safely as it comes down and ensure there is a retreat path to a safe location for workers to escape to. Finally, you must never turn your back on a fallen tree and always be alert to avoid objects thrown back by a tree as it falls to the ground.

Tree Stump Removal Orlando Florida

Hiring a qualified tree removal company reduces the risks and liabilities associated with this large task. Advance Tree Pros of Orlando Florida employs only the best tree specialists in the industry. Our local tree removal prices for Orlando Florida are the most competitive in our industry despite our top-quality workmanship. When you hire our services, you can be sure that your tree removal process will be done efficiently and most important, safely.

We are prepared to provide you with an up to date certificate of insurance to guarantee your extended protection against liabilities, accidents, and damages. We will also provide you with a detailed contract that will protect your rights. We offer free estimates and take a high amount of pride in our services performed. Give us a call today to see how we can help you with your next tree removal project.