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Is DIY Tree Work Worth It?

By Advance Tree Pros

Like numerous homeowners, you probably enjoying turning tasks such as landscaping into DIY projects. Doing it yourself and saving cash is undoubtedly noble pursuits that could raise your living standard without affecting your budget.

However, some aspects such as tree service demand professional care. While it’s understandable that you take pride in your property and would rather tackle the upkeep, safety must be the major priority when it comes to tree removal or maintenance. Here’s a list of reasons why we should be your winter park tree service this year.


Tree removal, tree trimming, and general tree maintenance is not for everyone; it is a lot of work, and it can also be dangerous depending on the job. If you are uncertain or hesitant, it is best to contact a professional tree service company like Advance Tree Pros in Orlando. Their expertise will save you hassle, money, and potential injury or property damage.

You Could Spend More on DIY

Winter Park Tree Service CompanyTrees are luxurious assets when well-maintained and healthy. However, they can be destructive and deadly when diseased or overgrown. Bear in mind that weakened trees face the likelihood of toppling onto cars, homes, and people during storms.

Your homeowner’s policy will most probably cover losses because of a tree falling on your property and your comprehensive vehicle policy will cover damages resulting from a tree landing on your car.

However, if your insurer can verify that you ignored your trees to the point of a catastrophe, the adjuster might be entitled to decrease the amount of compensation. In the event that you prune your trees in a hazardous manner, you might also generate hazards on your property, making your insurance insignificant if the insurer discovers substandard tree care.

You’re better off hiring our professional company to inspect your trees and identify any problems. This way, your insurer will know you took precautions.


Beyond trees, we offer grinding or stump removal, tree trimming, maintenance, and tree pruning. We can also recommend how to keep diseases and pests away from valuable landscaping. We offer a wide range of services to our clients, which will undoubtedly surpass your expectations.

You Can’t Spot Tree Disease

We find that most property owners don’t know why their trees aren’t bearing fruit or looking sickly. Beware that pests, parasites, and fungi can damage trees to the point of death. However, it’s possible to save numerous diseased trees if professionals recognize their compromised conditions in time and rectify them. Fortunately, our tree-service technicians know how to identify and handle tree diseases and other health issues.

Deep Knowledge

As arborists, we’re extremely knowledgeable when it comes to tree species. Furthermore, it’s our role to know the species that are suitable and the shrubs and trees that will survive, giving you durable foliage.

This proficiency will be invaluable to your trees, your property, and you in the future. For instance, recognizing the rotten trees and providing recommendations could make a huge difference. You’ll also benefit from the fact that we’re competent in arboriculture and tree cultivation.

You Could Destroy a Palm Tree with Bad Pruning

winter park tree serviceWeakened and diseased tree limbs are hazardous but numerous people don’t know that palm fronds can be heavy. People sustain injuries when dead fronds fall from palm trees. When pruning palm trees, you should leave the green foliage in place to decrease the likelihood of ending up with a stressed tree.

You must cut weakened fronds and if it’s necessary you eliminate green fronds, ensure you take those growing at an angle. Avoid over-pruning your palm tree or it will become more vulnerable to diseases and insects.

If you discover the palm tree is browning broadly, it might be necessary to add nutrients like magnesium and potassium to the soil. Bear in mind that over-pruning and using the wrong fertilizer could worsen the problem.

You can’t go wrong with our trained experts who know how to prune the different kinds of palm trees in Florida. After all, we have the tools, know-how, and equipment. Furthermore, we’ll manage your trees safely so they remain healthy.

Best Techniques

Numerous techniques exist when it comes to grooming your trees and landscape. However, it’s important you identify the techniques that suit your kind. If you’re certain, it’s best you consult our professionals who will gladly answer your questions.

Trees add beauty to our properties, they offer abundant shade, and in some instances, provide flowers and fruits. However, in order for them to remain healthy for years to come, you need our tree services.