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What to Expect from Land Clearing Services

By Advance Tree Pros

One of the most significant steps of preparing land for construction is having it cleared. Undeveloped landscapes usually have unsafe and overgrown terrain, but our expert land clearing services from Winter Park Tree Service will change this in no time.

When you work with us, you’ll discover that land clearance offers various benefits. We’ll help you eradicate vegetation and leave your piece of land bare and clean, making it ideal for cleaning up the property or preparing an area for development.

When looking for land clearing services, it’s imperative you hire professionals from Winter Park Tree Service Company who use modern techniques. Here’s what to expect from our services.


tree removal servicesThe first thing you should look for in a land clearing company is insurance coverage. In the event that someone sustains injuries or property damage occurs, you would be liable if the company you choose lacks coverage.

You can easily avoid this by hiring our company, which is insured and licensed. As a tree service company, we do everything possible to ensure our workers’ safety and the wellbeing and safety of your property.

Additionally, our crew is trained in TCIA-approved safety programs while adhering to the best practices in the arboriculture field.


The company you select must be a certified arborist. This certification is significant because it demonstrates that the arborist has completed thorough testing and schooling. With our expertise and knowledge, we’ll ensure we clear your land properly while avoiding tree damage or causing other issues.


Incomplete stump removal and tree remains can cause severe injuries to your employees and damage equipment. Allowing our professionals to handle the clearing decreases the risk because we ensure we conduct the job perfectly.

Our team has specialized machinery, such as, bulldozers, which allow us to handle our tasks to perfection. Moreover, land clearing entails risky activities, which could pose a danger to anybody who isn’t conversant with the safety processes to observe throughout the project.

Our professionals use suitable equipment and tools to ensure the safe removal of roots and stumps from the ground.

Effective and Fast Services

Our land clearing and tree removal services are efficient and fast, ensuring that all activities are on schedule. If you’re a building contractor with a deadline for beginning a particular construction project, the services of our specialists will enable you to start your project promptly.

Reduced Damages

Some types of land clearing, like root removal, can cause damage to underground items such as cables and pipes. It’s vital that some activities occur carefully and with professionalism to prevent unnecessary losses.

Maintaining a safe distance from cables and underground pipes is one way of decreasing damage. Our experts have the necessary skills to perform underground clearing, including excavation, without interfering with the water or sewage systems.

Advantages of Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Space and Aesthetics

While a property with numerous trees is attractive, trees and brush that grow too close or in the wrong area could detract from the value. Clearing out brush, and weeds, and eliminating select trees produces more usable property.

You can add outdoor living spaces, pools, and even gardens for your enjoyment once we clear out overgrown areas.


Even if you opt to leave brushy areas on the property, they need maintenance, particularly in a city or community. This means renting or owning special equipment or machines like bush hogs, for cutting back the growth periodically. Additionally, you must stay on top of weeds as they usually spread into other areas that are manicured for public or family foot traffic.

Land Protection

Expert land clearing can eradicate the need for more destructive types of land management, such as burning or slashing. Contemporary clearing methods make it easier to protect the neighboring area and use the property.

Maintain Soil

By nature, clearing land distributes a mulch layer on the topsoil, offering the terrain extra nutrients. Mulching helps suppress weeds, reduces undesirable growth, and avoids soil erosion.

Decrease Pest Population

Pests are naturally attracted to dense areas where there’s considerable opportunity to find shelter. To prevent property invasion from unwanted pests, it’s best to hire us to clear the land.

With effective cleaning services, we can keep your property safe from possible hazards. Moreover, we can turn your property around in no time.