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What Trees Should You Remove To Increase Your Property Value?

By Advance Tree Pros

Trees lend a lot of beauty and visual interest to your home, but not every tree is right for your property. Sometimes, there will be trees that need to be removed in order to keep your home safe, visually appealing, and valuable. Which trees should you remove in order to increase your property value? This guide has everything you need to know.

The Trees You Need To Remove

Tree RemovalAt Advance Tree Pros, we know exactly which kinds of trees are going to cause your home issues. Here are some tree types that we recommend you have cut down or removed:

Trees that are dying or dead: These trees are a serious danger to anyone who comes near them, as they’re not stable. If there’s a storm, or a branch just gives out, it can come down and cause injury or damage to your property. As well as this, of course, dead trees will be an eyesore.

Trees that are too close to your property: If a tree has been planted, or has grown too close to the property, it can pose a threat to it. During storms, it could be knocked into the home itself, causing damage. Often, branches can come off and come through windows or the roof, which is costly to fix. Also, if they’re too close to the roof they can cause damage by knocking shingles off, or shedding leaves into the guttering, blocking it.

Trees with split trunks: These trees are less stable than trees with one trunk, so if they encounter high winds they’ll be less able to cope with the strain. An Orlando tree service company such as ourselves can cut away the leaning trunk to allow the main trunk to steady itself, or remove the tree altogether.

Trees with root rot: Sometimes your trees may be rotting away at the roots, and you won’t even know it. Take a look at the ground around your trees, as there can be a few telltale signs. For example, if a fungus is growing around the base, that can show that rot has set in. Also, raised and broken soil is another sign. These trees need to be removed as they’re as a lot less stable than they should be.

When Trees Don’t Need Removal

Tree PruningNow, you won’t always need to remove the whole tree in order to improve your property value. Sometimes, you’ll just need to make some changes to make your trees safer, or more attractive to potential buyers.

For example, if your trees are properly maintained, then they’ll look better and be safer throughout the year. Regular pruning can stop them growing further than they should, and keep them looking neat. This is another service that Advance Tree Pros could handle for you, should you need it.

In the case of split trunks, the whole tree may not have to come down, as mentioned above. Pruning away the weaker trunks is an option. You can also have the trunks cabled together higher up the tree, making it more stable.

Hiring The Professionals

If you need to prune or remove a tree, then the best thing to do is to call in a professional to help you do it. It’s tempting to handle pruning yourself, as how hard could it be? However, it’s easy to make mistakes and actually cause damage to the tree you’re looking to prune. It’s much better to call in an expert, who’ll know exactly what to do and leave your tree in excellent condition.

It’s also a better idea to bring in professionals as they have all the right tools too. In some cases, more industrial tools, such as crane lifts, will be needed in order to get the tree pruned or removed. The professionals will have access to these and will be able to use them safely.

As you can see, there are a few tree types that need to be removed from your property, in order to increase the value. Call in an Orlando tree service today, and they’ll be able to remove these trees for you quickly and safely. You’ll have a property that increases in value, thanks to the safety and aesthetic value tree removal provides.