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Tips for Hiring Your First Tree Removal Service

By Advance Tree Pros

Orlando tree removalTree removal is a huge project that needs the services of a proficient arborist because trees can be extremely dangerous when cut and removed. Therefore, it’s crucial you trust your removal project to a team of highly qualified professionals.

Numerous companies out there claim to provide the best services. Unfortunately, these claims aren’t all true. Beware that some companies are merely after profits and not the client satisfaction.

Fortunately, our tree removal company Orlando has exactly what you need to eliminate broken, damaged limbs or remove a tree. It’s important you choose your removal company cautiously so you can embark on your project with absolute confidence. If you’re undertaking this task for the first time, consider these tips.

Qualifications and Experience

The first thing we recommend you examine before hiring any tree service company is their qualifications and experience. You can determine experience by the number of years they’ve been in operation and the type of projects they’ve handled previously.

We propose you seek companies like tree removal services Orlando, which has been in operation for numerous years because it’s a clear sign that their former customers have been pleased with their work. It’s also advisable to hire companies that have managed more complex projects because they’re more likely to provide premium services.

Remember, a tree service requires highly trained professionals with the ability to tackle your project with considerable professionalism and care.


It’s important you establish the number of employees your chosen company has. After all, tree work is extremely dangerous and demands special talent. Therefore, it’s important that suitable people are there to perform the task.

The last thing you need is an amateur or untrained laborer removing a huge tree over your house. Fortunately, our reputable company has experienced climbers with extensive experience in huge removals.

Service Range

A good company is one that offers you a broad range of services. You’ll discover that it’s quite cost-efficient having a company perform all the tasks instead of having every company do a specific task.

For instance, Orlando tree removal does not only remove stumps but also helps in trimming, which is an added benefit. You’ll discover that companies that perform various tasks have a higher likelihood of getting rehired. Furthermore, it ensures uniformity in the completed work.

Service Cost

Cost is a huge factor when seeking tree services. Consider obtaining quotations from various companies; compare the charges and degree of performance. Beware that some contractors charge hefty fees but have a restricted performance scope.

In addition, other contractors set low charges but provide poor quality services. Therefore, you must consider hiring contractors who provide premium services and charge affordable prices.

Industry Standards

The tree industry has ANSI and OSHA standards to follow as principles for safety, tree pruning, and general work processes. Ensure the company you hire adheres to ANSI typical pruning. Beware that numerous tree men prune trees improperly and propose poor tree maintenance.

Numerous varied tree species exist and every tree reacts differently to a diverse set of pruning techniques. Ensure a tenured professional or certified arborist offers their expert opinion. Make sure you also watch out for inappropriate tree care such as topping and cutting back trees very hard.

Equipment and Tools

Tree Removal ServiceYou must examine whether the removal company has the necessary equipment and tools for your project. You should especially examine whether they have excavators and chainsaws for tree removal and project stumps. In the event that you discover the company hires its equipment, there’s a huge probability that their charges are costly.

Ratings and Reviews

When looking for a removal company, it’s vital you conduct research regarding its standing in the local community. A quality company will be in a position to offer you reviews or references from previous clients. By obtaining reviews, you’ll be comfortable knowing that you’re collaborating with a company that’s committed to customer satisfaction and safety.


The location of the contractors you plan to hire is extremely vital because you won’t have to wait an entire week to obtain service. It’s highly advisable you hire a company that can respond fast to your needs. A local company is preferable because it has a comprehensive understanding of unique services such as tree treatment because they’re well conversant with the environmental factors affecting the trees locally.

Numerous companies offer services related to tree removal, so it might be confusing when selecting the suitable company to work with. Fortunately, our invaluable tips will help you make an informed decision.