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Tree Tips: Can You Control Height?

By Advance Tree Pros

tree removal services in OrlandoTrees frequently grow too big for the accessible space in urban areas. For this reason, you’ll discover that it’s at times necessary to maintain a tree at its current height. For instance, a power line might be above, a garden might require additional sun than a bigger tree would permit, or a tall tree’s branches might disrupt the growth of another tree.

Bear in mind that while it’s possible to control a tree’s growth, it isn’t a one-time task. If you wish to obtain the desired results, it’s best you leave this job to our tree removal experts in Orlando.

If your tree is almost hitting the roof or going over your neighbor’s yard, it’s time you contacted a tree removal company to control its height. Here’s a list of ways to do so.

Growth Inhibitors

Sprays that comprise the NAA chemical can prevent the growth of tree roots after you cut them. You’ll find most of the products in ready-to-use spray bottles for easy application. To manage suckers beneath your tree’s rootstock, spurt a thin layer on the trunk starting from its base to the initial set of branches.

You need to eliminate the soil from over the cut root when it comes to suckers that grow further out. This way, you’ll be able to spurt the inhibitor directly onto the cut. Keep in mind that applications might vary, so ensure you read the directions on the bottle before application.

It’s important you wear eye protection and gloves during application because the chemicals could cause skin irritation. Alternatively, you can contact tree removal services in Orlando if you don’t wish to do it yourself.

The Removal of Sucker Roots

Invasive tree roots, which emerge on top of the soil, at times far from the tree’s base are termed suckers. Cutting the roots at ground level merely offers a brief reprieve since they typically grow back at the root’s base where it joins to the major tree root underground.

When you cut out sucker roots, do so underneath the soil using a sharp knife. Ensure it’s as close to the major root as possible to prevent the continued growth of buds.


If you want to keep your trees low, consider pruning, which has a dwarfing effect. There are ways of pruning a tree when it’s young so it can grow into a manageable-sized tree. This is particularly significant with fruit trees so you can harvest without a ladder.

Remember, pruning young trees for height management is better than trying to lower a mature tree’s height. Tree pruning typically occurs when they’re dormant during winter. Although you can continue pruning until trees begin flowering in the spring, bees might present a problem.

If you eliminate leafy branches during summer, you restrict the tree’s capacity to conduct photosynthesis. As a result, there will be in a reduction in the tree’s growth. Keep in mind that the storage of trees’ nutrition occurs in their roots and pruning during summer starves the trees’ roots, causing less vigorous growth the subsequent spring.

One way of limiting a tree’s height is by shaping it like a tulip, regulating the trunk’s vertical growth. Once you prune the tree into this shape if you wish to maintain your tree low, remove or prune vigorous roots over the height, pruning 50% of all new growth in the early summer or late spring of the third year.

It’s important to note that lowering a tree’s height in one season is a drastic operation. It’s possible with pears, apples, avocados, and citrus fruit but not with cherries, peaches, and apricots.

Systematic Herbicides

Tree Removal in OrlandoSystematic herbicides, for instance, those that comprise glyphosate, extend throughout the plant/tree and kill the roots. Consequently, they work particularly well for plants whose reproduction occurs from a spreading root system.

If you’ve cut into the roots already, you must wait for some new growth to take place; the direct application of the herbicide can take place on the plant. The herbicide doesn’t soak into the soil to contact the roots.

Most glyphosate products are ready-to-use, although concentrates are accessible; you must dilute with water to the label requirements for the specific brand. Spray the herbicide evenly on the exposed roots/offending plants. Ensure you wear long sleeves, gloves, and eye protection throughout the application.

When a tree outgrows its garden space, you’ll need to decrease its size. You’ll have to do this sooner because the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to prune. Fortunately, our tree removal company has experts who will gladly advise you on tree maintenance.