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How Often Should you Prune your Tree?

By Advance Tree Pros

I have a lovely crepe myrtle tree in my front yard and every year it displays beautiful bright pink blossoms that I look forward to enjoying. Needless to say, I want my tree to stay healthy and flower for years and years. So caring for the tree and taking the right steps to keep it healthy, is important. And one of the most important steps is to prune your tree the right way at the right time.

Things to keep in mind for tree pruning

  • tree pruningPruning can be done at any time of the year, which involves the removal of damaged, weak, dead, or crossing branches.
  • Poorly-timed pruning, like that done in early winter or in the fall, can cause injury to a tree and limit or eliminate its foliage and flower production.
  • For various common trees and shrubs, there are three recommended pruning “seasons”:
    • Late winter/early spring – Trees or plants that will flower in the summer should be pruned at this time of the year while they are still dormant. During this time, their bare limbs make it easy to see their structure, and the quickly-following spring growth will heal the wounds.
    • Late spring/early summer – Spring-flowering trees and plants should be pruned immediately after their blossoms fade. This will maximize flower production for the next year.
    • Mid-summer – Trees that have exceptionally heavy spring sap flow, or “bleeding” trees, should be pruned at this time after their leaves have fully developed.
  • As a general rule of tree pruning, try to remove only 25% of growth at any given time. Taking out more growth will negatively impact a tree’s health.
  • Performing proper tree pruning involves three main pruning techniques — removing dead or unhealthy branches, thinning out the crown, and raising the lower limbs of trees to clear objects and views that are obstructed. These techniques not only keep the tree healthy but also help to train them for future growth.
  • Do not overlook the opportunity to prune trees while they are still young. Doing so creates better form and health for your tree, which will decrease the need for future pruning as the tree matures.
  • Since pruning times and techniques vary with the type of tree, where it is planted, and the climate you live in, the best way to answer how often to prune your tree is to find a reputable tree service company like Advance Tree Pros that employ certified arborists.

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