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Tree Service – Is your Tree Dead or Dying? How to Find Out!

By Advance Tree Pros

Tree Service in Winter Park

Nothing lasts forever; this one thing is certain and that includes trees on both commercial and private properties, even properties that are cared for by a landscaping company.

Five Reasons Trees Die

Tree Service1. Accidents. Any number of things can cause damage to the bark or roots of a tree such as cars, storms, lawnmowers, and shovels, to name a few and a wound opens your tree up to trouble. It is a good idea to inspect any trees after a storm and treat wounds from this or any other source promptly to protect the health of your tree.

2. Misuse of Chemicals. Herbicides are used to control weeds and other unwanted vegetation but using too much around your trees can interfere with the root system and adversely affect the tree’s health. The best protection is to ensure that you read and follow directions precisely and if you are unsure, consult your local garden center or lawn care professional.

3. Improper Planting. You have to start out right to end up right and how you start your tree out is paramount to having a healthy tree with a long life. Measure the width and depth of your planting hole, making sure it is at least two or three times wider than the root ball but not deeper. Planting a tree as soon as possible and making certain it receives ample water to keep the roots from drying out is very important.

4. Too Much/Not Enough Water. An older established tree does not require as much watering as a recent transplant or a young tree; however, it is important to keep the soil moist during periods of little rain, and monitoring the soil’s moisture content is a good way to protect your tree’s roots from drying out. Conversely, waterlogged soil prevents oxygen from reaching the roots, and causes fungus to grow, and bacteria to produce toxins.

5. Improper Location. Your trees need adequate sunlight for the type of tree, climate, and zone. Make sure to know how much and what type of sunlight your particular tree needs and plant accordingly. Be sure to consider the ultimate height of the tree and keep away from power lines, parts of the house and other buildings, and other trees and plant beds.

Other things that can make trees sick include pests, mites, fungi, invasive species, and animals.

If you know the signs that your tree might need help, you can at least stand a chance at treating it before it is too late and if your tree has already passed the point of expiration, you can familiarize yourself with the signs so that you can remove it before it causes any damage to yours or your neighbor’s property. So, what are some signs that your tree is dead or dying?

Three Signs Your Tree is in Trouble

1. Trunk Injury. Check your trees for cracks or seams; a breach in the bark or crack in the wood can signal the demise of that particular tree. In addition to a breach in the bark, look for baldness or spots of missing bark that do not regrow. It is normal for a tree to shed some bark; however, it should not remain bare. Continuous bare spots can be an indicator of poor health.

2. Leafless Branches. Naturally, in the winter, trees are bare; however, once the leaves begin to emerge, branches that remain bare signal trouble. Even branches with clusters of dead leaves that do not fall can be a sign of trouble and bare branches on a single side of a tree can indicate trunk damage.

Winter Park Tree Service Company 3. Root Damage. Although roots are not always visible, signs of root trouble can be noted by leaning to one side or small branches sprouting near the base of the tree indicating stress.


By the time you notice something is amiss with your tree, it may be too late but how can you tell if your tree is beyond saving? Test a small twig or branch by twisting then breaking and observing the color of the wood. If it’s green, your tree is still alive; if it snaps easily, is brown, and dry then test other spots to see if the result is the same. If the majority of twigs are dry and break easily, the tree is most likely dead and will need to be removed.

If twigs and small branches are not available, scratch the bark of the trunk to see if it is green underneath or brown; brown wood indicates your tree is dead and will need to be removed.

Winter Park Tree Service Company offers professional tree cutting and trimming and can safely remove any dead trees on your property for the safety of your family, your property, and your neighbor’s property.