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Tree Cutting for Beginners

By Advance Tree Pros

Trees need regular care and maintenance to keep them healthy and beautiful. Sometimes, however, for one or more of many different reasons, you may find that cutting down a tree may be the best thing. This may be due to a disease in a tree, a tree being in the way of a building or other structures, or a tree that is too big or old and is adversely affecting the surrounding landscape.

Now while you can hire professionals from a reputable tree cutting company such as our very own Advance Tree Pros, you can also do this job yourself. While cutting down a tree is not an easy task, with the right steps and equipment, you can successfully tackle it. Here is a guide to tree cutting for beginners.

Wear the right safety gear

The essentials include safety goggles, face screen and earmuffs for preventing debris from getting into your eyes and ears, a logger’s helmet to protect yourself from falling branches, and Kevlar chaps to protect yourself from chainsaw grazes.

Determine the Fall Path

Make sure that the tree has a safe path to fall and that there are no other structures like fences, roads, power lines, etc. in the way. There should be ample space for the tree to fall. This can be determined by estimating or measuring the height of the tree and measuring a distance from its base that is free of objects, so the tree can fall on that path.

Have clear escape routes

Clear any underbrush, logs, sticks, stones, and other debris from the area that you plan to get away from when the tree starts to fall. There should be nothing in your way that can potentially make you trip and fall.

Start carefully

Now that everything is in place, you can give your attention to the tree. There are some things to keep in mind- if there are dead branches, do not start cutting the tree, if the tree is leaning in one direction or has heavy branches on one side, it will fall only in the direction of the lean despite your best efforts, or if you see any obstructions (fences, buildings, etc.) in the felling zone, then quit trying to cut the tree and call the pros.

In Winter Park tree service is performed expertly by our team of professionals. Even if there are obstructions or any other issues, we can still successfully cut down any tree for you. We use our own grapple trucks, cranes, and other equipment as well as our experience and knowledge to make a success out of the most difficult jobs.

Make a notch

This notch should be the depth of one-fifth of the tree trunk’s diameter. The notch should be at a 70-degree angle. Now turn on the chainsaw and carefully cut into the tree at a 70-degree angle. The top of the notch should be the shallowest part of the cut, while the bottom of the notch should be the deepest. The chainsaw should not go more than 1/3rd part through the tree.

Make a horizontal cut

This cut should not be further than 1/3 through the tree. This horizontal cut at the base of the notch will make the bottom of the notch straight.

Make a bore cut

This should be made by lining up the chainsaw blade 1–2 inches away from the edge of the notch cut and pushing it all the way through the tree. Now continue sawing into the opposite direction of the notch until you make a clean horizontal cut through the other end of the tree.

Use wedges

These are inserted into the bore and cut 1-2 inches in. Also, hammer another wedge into the opposite side of the tree.

Cut through the remaining part of the bore cut

Using the chainsaw, cut through the remaining wood connecting the tree by positioning the chainsaw on the opposite end of the notch. The tree should slowly start falling in the direction of the notch.

Walk away from the falling tree

Walk down the predetermined path and stand at least 15 feet away from the tree.

If you are unsure about cutting the tree yourself, just call Advance Tree Pros at 407.960.4893 for any tree service.