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Remove an Eyesore with a Tree Pruning Service

By Advance Tree Pros

Do you keep the inside of your home looking spick-and-span? Why shouldn’t the outside of your home look the same? A gorgeous, lush tree can instantly add and enhance the look and landscape of a homeowner’s yard.

Trees are beautiful, they create shade, and wildlife and add exquisite scenery to a home. Trees are a beneficial part of the environment especially when they are well kept and maintained. When trees start to have loose hanging branches, disease-infected limbs, and decayed they can become an eyesore for homeowners and neighbors.

In this article, Winter Park Tree Service company provides five reasons why you should hire a professional tree pruning service!

Stumps and Dead trees lessen the value of a home

Are you looking or trying to sell your home, well that won’t stop that stump or dead tree from diminishing the value of a home. Perhaps it’s not even you that wants to sell their home, it could be a neighbor or spouse, but it could be your eyesore that is preventing the neighbors or even yourself from getting top-dollar from their sale.

Winter Park Tree Service companyStumps and dead trees should not be taken lightly, instead, they should be dealt with immediately to dwindle the threat they pose to the value of a home. Every homeowner and neighbor hates to see or find a stump or dead tree. Once a tree has died, there is nothing more a homeowner can do… except take it down.

Removal is necessary because a dead tree will slowly start to lose strength and will no longer be attractive scenery to your home. Stumps can continue to grow along with the roots of a tree which can affect your sidewalks, landscape of your yard, and driveway.

All trees especially stumps and dead trees need care and tree cutting. It is vital to do it sooner rather than later to keep them healthy and we as a tree service company can help. When the time comes, make sure to use our company, we have certified arborists that have the experience and skills.

Why remove a dead tree and stump

Just because a tree is no longer growing tall and strong doesn’t mean that the underground roots are totally gone. Did you know the longer a tree stump is allowed to stay on the ground, the longer the tree roots underground are growing? We know these roots can ruin adjacent sidewalks, crack foundations and even damage sewer lines by poking holes in them. A dead tree, with its dry and frail bark, has the potential to crack and break.

Infestations can spread from stumps, dead trees, and other landscapes to the home

During the hot summer months from June to August, it seems like it is nearly impossible to keep ants out of your home. Dead stumps and dead trees are home to diseased wood, small tiny bugs love to reside in and feast on the wood. Tree Service Winter park can easily and quickly remove these homes that are a beacon for pesky bugs.

Stumps and Dead trees are wide-spreading

We know the problems having a dead tree or dead stump can bring in your yard. It can potentially infect other trees or cultivation in the landscaping. It’s not always easy to spot or tell why exactly a tree died, but if it did die from a disease, other plants can contract that disease. If you think that a tree in your yard is dying or has died from disease infection, it is best to call an inspector to schedule an appointment to look at the tree and nearby plants. The inspector can treat nearby plants and trees if it is a contagious disease.

Taking up too much space in the yard: Dead trees and stumps

We all know moving the lawn isn’t exactly the most fun chore to do around the home, but a dead stump or dead tree in the middle of the lawn doesn’t exactly make the lawn look splendid or do the chore any more pleasant. Having to constantly navigate around a dead, unsightly stump or tree is a drag and a hazard. Let us say there are plans in the works to place a driveway extension or porch where the stump is, you will have to remove it in order to move forward with those plans.

Winter park Tree Pruning knows just how unsightly and frustrating a dead tree or a dead tree stump can be. That is why we make stump and Winter Park Tree Service removal easy for our clients of homeowners and businesses alike. We guarantee professional work from start to finish. We offer special promotions such as $100 off any job over $1000.

We are committed to excellence in all tree pruning, cutting, trimming, and removal services. We are always committed to protecting our customers – their properties – and their loved ones and pets as well.