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Questions to Ask Yourself before Tree Removal

By Advance Tree Pros

Winter Park Tree Service CompanyDead or damaged trees are unsightly and pose possible hazards to you and your property, particularly during the storm. Numerous individuals think about planting but not cutting down trees. However, some situations require tree removal even if you love trees.

At Winter Park Tree Service, we recognize that tree cutting is a significant decision for a homeowner. Remember, certain aspects can make tree removal inevitable, for instance, a tree that’s growing into power lines can be dangerous. If you’re thinking of removing a tree from your property, here’s a list of questions you need to ask yourself.

Can You Remove the Tree Yourself?

The most important question to ask yourself when deciding to cut a tree is whether you can undertake the task on your own. Bear in mind that numerous aspects go into this, for instance, age, height, species, tools, and accessible yard space.

You must consider these factors when making a decision. Depending on the size along with the wood thickness and several other factors, you might have to contact an expert from Winter Park Tree Service Company to cut it down.

Unless you have extensive knowledge, we recommend you contact us for a professional service. If you opt for the DIY route, ensure you have the suitable equipment including safety goggles, a helmet, and suitable footwear.

Is the Tree in the Way and Is it Likely to Fall?

In some instances, some trees are just in the way. For instance, you might wish to include a storage area in your backyard but some trees might be in the way. If this is so, you might want to cut them, allowing for more space and freedom in the backyard.

Nevertheless, you could always plant additional trees somewhere else on the property, in an area where they won’t be in the way. You’ll find that a number of trees are healthy but likely to fall. For instance, very tall but thin trees, for instance, pine trees are likely to snap and fall during high-wind periods.

If this happens, the outcome could be catastrophic. In this case, it would be best if you acted immediately and removed the trees from your property to avoid problems in the future.

Is the Tree Causing Structural Damage?

Tree roots can grow into the surface, changing your property’s drainage pattern. In some instances, they can obstruct water and prevent it from running away from your yard or home. Silver maples are infamous for this, and it’s practically impossible to rectify the issue without cutting through the roots, causing tree injury.

Beware that weakened limbs can potentially cause property damage and harm people. Therefore, tree removal is the best option. Make sure you weigh the inconvenience or damage a tree can cause and the value of keeping it and think of ways to alleviate the issue with the least tree damage.

Is Your Property becoming Hard to Use?

tree removalIf a tree denies you the chance to do something on your property, removal might be the solution. First, try to incorporate it into your plans. For instance, you can incorporate the trunk into a patio or deck design.

You’ll discover the effect of making a deck opening for your tree to grow through is rather pleasing. Around the trees’ roots, you can lay a patio on stone dust rather than concrete. This way, you’ll ensure the tree’s health and you’ll have the recreation or entertainment area you might have desired along with the additional benefit of a shade tree.

You can also incorporate your tall woody plant in different ways. It can provide numerous benefits as your garden’s canopy. You can hang a birdhouse or swing; attach landscape lighting; or generate other aesthetically pleasing causes to include mature trees as part of the landscape design.

How much will the Tree Removal Cost?

Obviously, the cost of removing a tree might influence whether it’s something you can do. Fortunately, some tree removal experts offer astoundingly affordable prices. If the initial price quote you obtain is too expensive, consider working with other tree experts to see whether you can secure a better rate somewhere else.

Is the Tree Causing Issues with the Neighbors?

In some instances, trees can, in fact, cause issues with neighbors. For instance, if it hangs over somebody else’s property, the person might complain. In this case, it would be worth removing the tree to prevent problems and arguments with those living around you.

If you’re uncertain about removing a tree in your yard, consider asking yourself these questions. Alternatively, you could consult our professionals for advice.