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Professional Pruning And Property Value 

By Advance Tree Pros

Advance Tree Pros is your source for the best in tree cutting services. From Winter Park to statewide services, we specialize in removing dangerous, aged trees and stumps. Similarly, our highly-dedicated team provides complete debris cleanup services for your yards and lawns. From Winter Park homes and businesses to schools and parks, our tree services continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. We also abide by all environmental guidelines and even salvage trees that still have life in them. From tree pruning to increasing property value to complete stump removals, one phone call or e-mail is all you need for the best in the business.

What Exactly is Tree Pruning?

Winter Park tree pruning removes specific branches and stems that benefit your trees. This includes dead, aged, and damaged branches, along with those that are diseased and susceptible to insects and decay organisms. There are several reasons to have tree pruning services done with Advance Tree Pros. This includes the following:

Health and Home Values

Winter Park tree serviceAs mentioned above, tree pruning increases property values across the board. This is done by removing dead, damaged, and diseased branches. Similarly, pruning helps increase air and sunlight, which results in fewer disease problems. At Advance Tree Pros, we can prune any type of tree in any condition – elm, oak, pine, palm, redwood, and other species. We also remove suckers and water sprouts, which eliminate weak wood and provide more food and water for trees.

Eliminating crossing branches also prevents damage by them rubbing up against each other. Similarly, weak or narrow crotches split apart as the trees get older. With this in mind, we remove crotches to eliminate breaking and tearing of wood. From tree cutting and stump removal to pruning and land clearing, we do it all at Advance Tree Pros.

Home and Business Safety

In addition to increasing your property value with aesthetically-pleasing visuals, tree pruning also maintains strong structures for garden and yard trees. This prevents the risk of low-growing branches, which can injure loved ones and pedestrians alike. Similarly, tree pruning eliminates branches, leaves, twigs, and debris on your sidewalks and driveways. For those living in deed-restricted communities, HOAs mandate all homeowners to keep their trees in proper shape year-round. To prevent notices and fines, you need the experts at Advance Tree Pros to take care of all your Winter Park tree service needs.

Here are some more essentials of tree pruning for Winter Park residences and businesses:

Maintaining natural tree form – tree pruning restores proper tree shapes by removing erratic and vigorous branches.

Stimulate and/or restrict growth – tree pruning can also stimulate growth in sparse areas of trees. However, it can also restrict growth in areas where excessive growth is present.

Seasonal tree pruning – it’s best to prune your trees in later winter or early spring. This is a perfect time before trees bring to open their buds. However, any dead, damaged or diseased tree branches must be taken care of right away.

It’s also important to know that some trees tend to bleed sap around the late winter and early spring season. While sap bleeding does not harm trees, pruning simply ensures all trees are healthy and not susceptible to damage due to inclement weather. If you need pruning after trees’ leaves have opened, we can take care of that as well. However, it’s always best to prune them before the buds sprout, which ensures correct growth for leaves, limbs, branches, twigs, and other tree essentials.

Winter Park Tree Service Professionals

Tree removal in Winter Park requires an experienced and seasoned hand. In fact, all tree cutting, salvaging, and pruning jobs are intricate in nature and should only be done by the pros. While trees give us oxygen and paper, they can be dangerous with aging. This can pose a problem for homes and businesses if not removed in a timely and professional manner. Similarly, trees that have fallen over or previously removed leave behind unattractive stumps. Again, stumps have to be completely removed in order to ensure safety and pleasing designs for your yards.

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