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Four Things You Need To Know About Tree Cutting

By Advance Tree Pros
Orlando Tree Removal Service


There are many homeowners out there who don’t give a second thought to their trees. They just grow on their own, they don’t need any help from you, right? In fact, maintaining your trees is just as important as maintaining the rest of your yard. Here are four things you need to know about tree cutting, and how to find the best expert to cut yours.

1. Cutting Your Trees Is Essential For Keeping Them Healthy

A healthy tree isn’t one that’s left to its own devices. It’s a tree that’s regularly pruned throughout the year. Why is this? There are actually several reasons why:

  • Help the tree grow: When a tree is properly pruned, branches that are dying or otherwise harming the tree are removed. That means there’s room for new, healthy branches to grow. It can also stand up to high winds better, meaning it won’t take structural damage.
  • Help fruit production: If you have fruit trees in your yard, then you’ll want to get the best harvest from them, year after year. By cutting the branches, you encourage the growth of spurs, which will encourage fruit production. You’re also reducing the risk of parasites and infection, which can stop production for good.
  • To treat disease: Just like us, trees can contract diseases, leading to sickly-looking trees and even death if it’s not treated. Trimming off infected branches can stop the spread, and keep your tree healthy for years afterward.

2. Cutting Your Trees Keeps Your Home Safe

It’s not just the trees you’re looking to protect, though. Your home can also be at risk if you don’t regularly prune it. If a storm hits your area, then the old overgrown branches can easily be broken off, causing damage to your home and yard. If you’re home at the time, then that tree is posing a threat to you.

If you keep it pruned, it will be much harder towards any adverse weather you may get. Branches are much less likely to come off, as you’ve already removed the older, less hardy branches. Also, cutting those branches makes the tree more resistant to high winds, so you can be assured that the tree is way less likely to fall down.

3. Cutting Trees Keeps Your Yard Beautiful

Of course, you want your yard to be beautiful. Who doesn’t? You put all that work into keeping up your lawn and flower beds, but if your tree is looking overgrown, then all that work is for nothing. Getting your tree pruned is akin to giving it a haircut. You make it look neater, happier, and much more beautiful.

Pruning your trees is important for improving the general view in your yard too. If there’s a wonderful view from your windows, you don’t want it blocked by overgrown trees. Having them pruned can mean cutting them back so you can see that view without obstructions.

4. Cutting Trees Should Be Done By The Experts

Ok, so we’ve given you a lot of reasons why your trees need pruning. Now, here’s why it’s often best left to the professionals. There are a lot of reasons why you may call us to do the job:

  • A Winter Park tree service will have the machinery needed to get the job done properly and safely.
  • An expert will know where to cut your tree, meaning it will stay healthier for longer.
  • They can see how to make your tree safe, cutting branches that could pose a hazard in storms and high winds and removing them before they can cause harm.
  • Good tree services will take away the cut branches and debris, leaving your yard as beautiful as it found it.

If you’re in need of a tree cutting service, we’re the people to help you. We’re the experts in healthy trees here in Winter Park, and we care about giving you the best service. The best part is, we can be a lot cheaper than you’d think. Get your trees pruned now ready for the summer, and you can enjoy your yard now that your trees are in the best possible condition.