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Why Spring is the Best Time for Tree Cutting

By Advance Tree Pros

Better weather is around the corner and with it comes the time to start doing some work around the yard. Whether it’s spraying the lawn to beat back the weeds to improve curb appeal or tending a vegetable garden, it seems just about everyone has yard work to do this time of year. Tree cutting is one of those chores people loathe doing and give us a call to take care of the hard work for them. Little do people know, there are certain times of the year where doing a bit of tree maintenance is recommended while during other seasons it’s not.

Why Spring?

There are different times of the year it’s good to start tree cutting and other times it’s a good idea to put the shears away. During the summertime, for example, it’s recommended to do pruning to help direct the growth of the tree. The reason for this is to slow down branches you don’t want to grow which helps to ‘dwarf’ their development. The reasoning behind this is to reduce the leaf surface the tree has access to which cuts down on the amount of food the tree can manufacture through photosynthesis. It’s also easier to see defective limbs during the summertime so they can be cut off or find limbs that hang too low due to the weight of leaves on the branch.

We recommend having tree service during the springtime mainly because it’s the best time for pruning. There are a variety of trees people keep for various reasons whether it’s for appearances, fruit, and even to shade their homes during the summer. During the spring tree cutting is recommended to enhance flowering.

This is true for trees and shrubs that bloom in spring and a bit of pruning it can bring out the maximum effect of the plant’s flowers. Trees that bloom in spring should be pruned when their flowers begin to fade. Shrubs and trees that bloom mid to late summer should be pruned either in early spring or winter.

When Should You Avoid Pruning?

Tree cutting requires knowing the right time of the year it’s safe to do yard work, but there are times of the year you want to avoid picking up those shears again. Fall is the time of year to avoid pruning because fungi decay during this time of the year. Their spores spread during the fall and they have a chance to land on the tree.

Trees that have been cut will also have a longer healing time and the fungi spores could potentially land in these cuts. This is another good reason to avoid using those gardening shears during that time of the year and instead wait until spring or summer.

What Other Services Do You Have to Offer?

Our tree services vary to bring our customers the best in Orlando, Florida so they can enjoy their plants year around. Other tree services we must offer include the following:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Land clearing
  • Crane Service

We understand people care for their trees, but the maintenance involved with keeping such large plants on your property can be a hassle to deal with. We are more than happy to lend a helping hand and are happy to hear from potential customers. On our website, customers can find out about news and events going on with our company and even find special deals going on for our services.

When you follow these tips, your trees will be much healthier year-round! Tree cutting for us is a passion and we enjoy helping to bring these large plants people enjoy to their fullest potential. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you require any of our services.