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The Dangers of Tree Removal

By Advance Tree Pros

Winter Park tree service companyManaging your house goes beyond maintaining the interior rooms — having a well-kept backyard and front lawn adds curb appeal and makes your house a place that you are excited and proud to call home. Sometimes, a tree that is decaying or overgrown can not only negatively impact the outward appearance of your house, but it can also pose a danger to you, your family, and your neighbors. Taking the time to hire a good tree service company can help you counteract these problems.

At Advance Tree Pros, our experienced, friendly professionals work to meet all your tree service needs. Tree removal can pose many dangers, so it is best done by professionals with proper tools. At Advance Tree Pros, we make sure to get the job done efficiently and safely. Here are some dangers of tree removal.

Working at heights

One of the most apparent dangers of tree removal is the risk that comes with removing or trimming trees at great heights. First and foremost, there is a high chance of falling from the tree. There is also a strong possibility that loose branches can drop off the tree with the slightest gust of wind, presenting a danger for your property and the surrounding neighborhood. For this reason, a much safer option is to invest in the services of a professional company. If you have been searching for a Winter Park tree service company, look no further than Advance Tree Pros.

Our experts are trained to use the right equipment and follow safety precautions in order to remove or trim tall trees. We also carry insurance for tree services. While our professionals take precautions to make sure that loose branches do not fall, sometimes it is out of their control. However, in the event that a tree branch drops on your shed, one of your windows is smashed, or your property is damaged in any other way during the process, our insurance company will take care of the costs so you won’t have to spend a single penny on repairs.


Many people have trees that are positioned near power lines. Trimming or removing a tree in areas like this, is a dangerous task, especially when attempted without the necessary experience and equipment. At Advance Tree Pros, our experts can assist with tree services, regardless of where the tree is growing. If your tree has protruding branches that are growing out of control near a power line, we will make sure that it is taken care of in the safest, most efficient way possible. If needed, we will even take measures to contact the power company and have the lines shut off temporarily in order to prevent damages and electrocution.

Presence of insects

Tree RemovalInsect infestation is one of the most common dangers that comes with decaying trees. Often, many people make the mistake of taking it upon themselves to trim affected leaves or take other steps to beautify trees that are deteriorating. However, doing this on your own can be dangerous since rotting trees often attract insects that can potentially carry disease. Trees that have become ridden by insects and disease are generally known to be weaker, meaning that their loosely-hanging branches and tree limbs can pose a threat to your property.

If this is the case with one of your trees, leave it to the experts at Advance Tree Pros to remove the tree. Our experienced professionals inspect all trees for insect infestation and disease and proceed with caution to handle disease-ridden trees with fragile limbs. As mentioned earlier, we also carry liability insurance which protects our clients in the event of any property damage during the tree service process.

If you live in the Winter Park, FL area and are looking for a tree service company, there is no better option than Advance Tree Pros. Our certified arborists, trained and experienced team members, and exceptional services make us the best company to meet all your tree service needs. Give us a call at 407-960-4893 to receive a free estimate today. We always honor our estimates, so there are no hidden costs for you.