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Three Things you Didn’t Know About Tree Stump Removal

By Advance Tree Pros

tree removal services in Orlando FloridaIn the sunny, tropical climate of Orlando Florida, there are many landscaping companies that offer tree stump removal as part of their landscaping services. While many people are quick to hire just any Orlando tree removal company for this job, they do not realize that if they do not choose an experienced and qualified business for these services, they can end up with more problems in the long run. It is important to know that if the tree removal is not done completely and there is any stump left behind or all of the roots are not completely excavated, the homeowner could incur future problems. When deciding to obtain tree removal services in Orlando Florida, you must also consider these important things. Tree stumps left behind can be hazardous, stumps can potentially cause new tree growth, and there are negative impacts of left behind tree stumps such as attracting insects and creating yard blockages.

Tree Stump Hazards

If you are having a hard time deciding on whether or not you want your Orlando tree removal company to remove the stump of your tree as well, you should consider the hazards associated with left behind tree stumps in a yard. Tree stumps can be dangerous to children who could trip over the left behind roots and stump when running and playing in their yard. If a neighbor is over and trips and becomes injured, you are liable as a homeowner for their injuries. Additionally, tree stumps can create a significant damage to a lawn mower if hit while you are mowing your grass.

Tree Stumps Can Potentially Cause New Tree Growth

Though some may not realize it, when a tree stump is left behind new tree sprouts can form from the remaining tree trunk. These smaller sprouts are an unsightly addition to your landscaping and can become costly to completely eradicate because they spread so easily. Sometimes costly chemical treatments become necessary to completely kill them off. As these small trees grow in the soil, they become a nuisance not only for their unsightly appearance but also because they steal important nutrients from the other plants in the yard that are located near them.

Negative Impacts of Tree Stumps

Some other negative impacts of left behind tree stumps to consider are that they are a breeding ground for attracting insects. The decaying stumps in the lawn take a long time to completely rot away. In this decaying process, the stump attracts termites, ants, beetles, and other damaging wood-boring pests. If these critters spread to your home, they can create many expensive problems for the homeowner. Additionally, tree stumps take away from the beauty of your yard and rob your yard of precious yard space that could be useful for other purposes. Storage sheds, picnic tables, and flower beds are a much more ideal addition to a yard than an unsightly tree stump that generates more and more problems for the homeowner.

Trusting a Qualified Company

Tree StumpsWhile the cost saving benefits of leaving a tree stump behind after paying for a tree to be cut down may seem like an expense saving benefit to a homeowner, it is important for them to realize the added costs they could incur due to the left behind tree stump on their property in the long run. Advance Tree Pros is your #1 Orlando tree removal company. Their tree removal prices for Orlando along with their tree stump removal Orlando go hand in hand to provide their customers with the best rates available so they are not forced to sacrifice the additional services they need to complete their tree removal process.

The specialists at Advance Tree Pros are ISA Certified Arborists that are highly skilled in their trade. They are well equipped with the latest technology in tools and training to ensure that your job is completed efficiently and completely. When you trust their professionals, you can have the peace of mind in knowing your job will be done right. They always maintain their credentials and their customer service reviews speak for themselves. For a free estimate, give their knowledgeable staff a call today. They will answer all of your questions and give you the feeling of confidence you need when trusting a landscaping company.