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Tree Removal: Cutting vs. Transplanting

By Advance Tree Pros

The time to start looking into whether the trees around your home are fit to stay or go is a big question everyone has to ask themselves each season. Landscaping is hard work since it requires maintaining the land and having to make hard decisions about the plants in the immediate area. Tree cutting is usually an option people consider if the plant in question can no longer remain where it is, but this also brings into question transplanting too. Is one better than the other and if so, what kind of odds are you looking at?

Tree Cutting for the Sake of Safety

Tree RemovalThe tree service we provide is focused around making your life easier and to help people to get rid of trees that may pose a risk to their land or home. There are times where cutting down a tree is required for example it may have been damaged in a storm and is at risk of falling onto your home, it’s dying, or the tree in question is already dead and it’s time for removal.

People who have perfectly healthy trees may have it pruned every season to ensure the branches don’t get too big and to have any diseased limbs cut off before they become a health hazard. In areas that have high winds and harsh weather, it’s especially important that pruning is done yearly not only for your own safety but for the health of the plant too.

Tree removal is an option though for people who may start doing in-depth landscaping or are looking to add a new addition onto their home. Cutting down a tree in a controlled environment is risky and should only be done by professionals like us for the safety of everyone involved and to ensure the job is done right.

The Costs of Tree Cutting vs Transplanting

tree service in OrlandoOur tree service in Orlando offers a host of services including tree removal and pruning, but transplanting isn’t one of them. Many people do look into it as an option and the decision is usually focused on the cost and whether it’s even worth trying to preserve the plant or not.

First off, there’s a lot more work involved in transplanting a tree and it’s recommended to only do it at certain times of the year. When you’re transplanting a tree it’s best to do it in the spring or fall to cut down on the stress of the plant and it’s definitely not recommended to do it during the summer. Depending on the tree it may be recommended to only be moved at certain times of the year so you’ll have to refer to an agriculture college or local nursery in your area.

You also need to pick out a location ahead of time for your tree and make sure it’ll have the right soil, amount of shade, and water to keep it alive. Each tree is different and it can be difficult to find the right conditions for the plant to grow depending on the type. Not to mention that effort that goes into having to dig a new hole for the tree, digging up the plant itself, transporting it, and finally planting it. This can take weeks to complete and there’s no guarantee by the end of it if the tree will even live not to mention it may have termites or other pests that can spread to other trees or homes by it.

Our Orlando Tree Service Company is here to help you and our focus is to give you the service you deserve. Tree transplanting can be costly, especially when you consider the size of the tree you’re attempting to move and the fact it may not survive. Tree removal is a viable option and we highly recommend it since we can be onsite and have it safely removed in time.