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Three Tips for Keeping your Favorite Tree Alive 

By Advance Tree Pros

Orlando Tree Service

Trees are an important part of life. They provide protection, shade, and most importantly oxygen. They can be a valuable part of any yard because they take so long to mature. That’s why many people with trees in their yard want to take care of them the best they can so that they can enjoy the tree for years to come.

Between droughts, heavy rains, other natural elements, and tree disease it can be difficult to maintain the health and integrity of your tree no matter how hard you try. However, there are a few tips for keeping your tree happy and healthy. At Orlando Tree Service company, we know just how important your beautiful trees are to you and your home. That’s why we want to share these three tips on how to keep your favorite tree alive and well.

Water it Carefully

Orlando Tree ServiceSome trees are more drought-tolerant than others. If you’re not sure if your tree is or is not tolerant of droughts, a quick call to us at Orlando Tree Service can help you determine that. From there you’ll know just how much or how little to water your tree. If your tree is not drought-tolerant, you’ll need to be mindful about watering it during drought periods. If your tree doesn’t require that much water, be sure not to overwater it after periods of rain.

Additionally, you should know that your tree needs extra watering during dormant seasons unless you have recently planted your tree. Please be mindful of what your tree might be sensitive to as well. High winds, salt spray, and overwatering are just a few of the things that can do just as much damage as not watering your tree. Even if you think your tree is getting enough water you can check the leaves and branches to determine whether this is true or not.

Protect the Tree Roots

Typically, roots grow underground, but as you might know or have seen, tree roots can be so big that they begin to grow and break above ground. Healthy roots are essential for healthy trees, which is why healthy soil is important to protect your tree roots. Oxygen is necessary for nutrient absorption by your tree roots, so compacted soil is one of the biggest threats to your tree’s roots. This is because compaction impedes water infiltration and oxygen into the root zone.

Orlando Tree Service can help you determine where your drip line of the tree is and how to best protect your tree’s roots. But please remember that tree roots and branches often extend well past the drip line. This is why it’s important if you’re not sure where or what a drip line, is to consult with us the professionals.

Prune Properly

Pruning your tree isn’t just for when branches seem to get in the way. Proper pruning is essential to your tree’s health. The dormant season, aka winter, is a great time to prune your trees. This is because come spring, your tree will be producing new growth and it will have healthy space to do so. If you aren’t good at pruning, don’t worry. Orlando Tree Pruning can help you out so that you can maintain the health, integrity, and beauty of your tree. But it’s totally fine to do pruning on your own.

You’ll want to remove any crossing branches as the rubbing can cause a wound in the bark. Dead and broken branches can be removed with a clean cut so that the tree can then self-heal. Finally, remove low-hanging branches which will allow for more light into the space below your tree. This is mostly for aesthetic purposes but will still benefit from the tree.

It’s really easy to take a tree for granted since they typically do so well on their own. However, trees provide so much great beauty and enjoyment, as well as oxygen, which is why they’re so valuable and important to maintain. If you’re struggling with your tree maintenance call us at Orlando Tree Service company. We can help you determine what type of tree you have and how to best care for it.