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Three Ways Tree Roots can Damage your Property

By Advance Tree Pros

Advance Tree ProsDamage from tree roots is a hidden danger that most homeowners do not often consider when it comes to their properties. Qualified tree service and removal companies such as Advance Tree Pros in Orlando Florida are your answer to this type of concern; however, it is important for homeowners to be able to realize the threats they are facing by letting this problem go unaddressed.

It is important to realize that the tree roots themselves do not do the damage; however, it is their interaction with the soil and the quality of the soil below the foundation of the home that has the most significant impact. Larger trees with thick tree roots can cause damage to the home, but only if they are in too close of proximity. One common way that tree roots can damage your property, homeowners never notice. This is from decaying tree roots. Even with removed trees, if their root system is still in the soil, they can and will pose a threat to the foundation of your home.

Moisture and how it Effects Tree Roots

One of the main dangers of tree roots beneath the soil of a foundation is their ability to draw moisture from the soil beneath the surface of the home. If the soil is dense and was not properly compacted at the time of building, it is more likely that it can become depleted of important moisture quicker. This causes slumping and shifting of the tree roots as they draw moisture from the soil. The larger the tree roots grow they can also loosen soil due to their change in girth. Less dense soil will loosen quicker. This combined effect is what can cause the imbalance of pressure in the soil surrounding the tree which in turn could strain a house foundation and cause it to crack.

Large Trees and Thick Tree Roots

The larger the tree, the more likely that they can cause damage to the foundation of your home by taking more moisture from the soil. When these mature trees are planted too close to the home the best thing a homeowner can do to protect their foundation is to make sure that the tree is adequately watered at all times. This greatly benefits the foundation beneath the home because it ensures that the soil remains tightly compacted. The experts at our tree service in Orlando Florida are experienced in locating any threats to your foundation and helping you to address the problem immediately if we see a concern. Our professionals are experienced with the latest training techniques to give you the confidence you need with your root removal concerns.

Decaying Tree Roots

tree service in Orlando FloridaWhen it comes to addressing your tree removal needs, our experts have what it takes to identify every immediate threat to your property. Our Orlando Tree Service Company has years of expertise to help you to avoid all possible problems caused by tree root exposure. Most homeowners do not realize that even decaying tree roots can pose a threat to the foundation of the home. When dead trees have been removed, if their root system is not completely removed from the soil, they still pose a threat to the underlying soil, subsequentially affecting the stability of the foundation of the home. As the roots of these dead trees decay, there are air spaces that are created within the leftover spaces. As the soil shifts to fill these voids, the foundation of the home can become settled and damaged.

Our Orlando Tree Service

For the best tree services in the Orlando area, our tree service in Orlando is your best choice. Our customer service staff is knowledgeable and friendly and can help you set up a no-obligation estimate. Our Orlando tree service costs are not only competitive ensuring the best rates for our customers but also offering you the best landscaping personnel in the industry. From small jobs such as Orlando tree pruning to full tree removal, we can beat our competitors and provide you with the best services. Give us a call to set up a free estimate today. We look forward to helping you with all of your Orlando tree service needs.