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Three Reasons Not to Delay that Tree Removal

By Advance Tree Pros

While trees can be beautiful on your property, they can also pose a threat. After all, they can become damaged and diseased, resulting in a dangerous hazard. Fortunately, Orlando Tree Service Company provides safe and quick removal services without leaving any issues behind.

Keep in mind that this project is tricky, so it’s best you leave it to professionals from Orlando Tree Service. Our team of insured and licensed professionals can eliminate your trees using the latest techniques.

We’ll also ensure we leave your property in the best condition. If you’re thinking of undertaking this project, here’s a list of reasons why you shouldn’t postpone it.

Property Protection and Safety

Tree RemovalSome trees need removal because they are hazardous to you and your property. In this case, you should act fast by contacting a tree service because an unstable tree could topple unexpectedly. It might not even take a huge storm if your tree is already overgrown or leaning.

You should also cut down or remove trees that are extremely close to the power lines. Otherwise, if the tree on your property takes down the power line, you may be responsible for the repairs. It isn’t always easy to establish whether a tree poses a hazard or not. For instance, a tree that has dead branches on its side will be lopsided and probably fall.

A hollow tree may appear fine on the exterior but with a compromised tree trunk; such a tree is likely to fall. Similarly, if the area next to your tree has recently undergone excavation, it’s likely it has a compromised root system and the tree needs removal.

When a tree is weak, old, or diseased, it becomes more vulnerable to the different factors, for instance, rain and wind. Such conditions may result in the fall of trees in the unwelcome areas such as driveways or sidewalks.

Consequently, this could injure and potentially cause inconvenience to those present at the time. Therefore, if you allow the trees to grow unchecked, it may result in a negative effect on peoples’ lives.

Whether your tree is diseased, dead, or has become overgrown, every scenario will need its special care. Remember, a diseased tree could possibly contaminate other plants and trees. Therefore, it will require careful inspection and professionals will need to move and clean it out thoroughly to prevent leaving behind any diseased materials that could cause issues elsewhere.

If a storm hit the tree, this can imply that other plants or trees have been felled or that other structures or home have sustained damage. That could need extra attention to prevent further damage to your property.

Yard Clearance & Termite Prevention

Tree RemovalIn the event that you have a fallen tree in your yard, it’s likely that it’s taken up your entire driveway or yard. In this case, it’s advisable you cut the remaining part and remove the tree stump before it ruins the yard further. If you leave the tree stump there, it will take a longer time for the grass to grow beneath. Likewise, a fallen tree will place considerable weight on your driveway.

In the event that damage occurred to your vehicle or the tree is hindering the way, you might have to contact emergency services. After cutting down your tree, it might be tempting to leave the tree stump in the yard because it takes extra money and time to grind the stump down.

The problem is that it takes years for a decaying stump to rot completely. Meanwhile, it presents an ideal breeding ground for beetles, termites, and other wood-boring insects. Although these insects don’t typically pose an issue in your yard, they may eventually spread into your home.

Curb Appeal and Clear View

When trees overshadow your property, they will develop into a nuisance that’s avoidable. Everybody enjoys an appealing curb appeal, so it’s advisable to remove an unattractive tree.

When you allow a tree to exist for too long, it blocks your property’s natural view. This isn’t ideal; nothing should prevent you from having a natural view of your surroundings whenever you’re at home with your family. An overgrown tree could also affect your home’s appearance by ruining its aesthetic.

Tree removal isn’t something we usually think about until it’s time to handle the problem. That implies there’s typically minimal opportunity to research and prepare before your tree becomes diseased or dies. While you could try handling the task yourself, it would be considerably easier if you contacted our professionals instead.