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Protect your Home from Potential Damage with a Tree Cutting Service

By Advance Tree Pros

Perhaps you have noticed some dead or dying branches on a tree on your property or possibly some that are encroaching on your neighbor’s property that may cause property damage in the near future. It is never a good idea to allow branches from nearby trees to hang over your roof, or worse, touch your roof.

They can cause mold to form, damaged shingles, or in the event of heavy rain or snowstorm, they can actually fall on your roof causing expensive damage. Of course, you have home owner’s insurance for these events, but we all know using your home owner’s is a tricky business, one most people try to avoid.

Not Exactly DIY

Orlando Tree Pruning professionalsMany people think it is a simple matter to prune a few dead or overhanging branches from their trees but trimming trees is an extremely dangerous thing to do, even for the Orlando Tree Pruning professionals. In some areas, the trees are incredibly tall – up to 120 feet in some areas of the country- with thick lengthy branches and frequently require the use of a chainsaw.

In addition to this danger, in some cases, there will perhaps be power lines to worry about, houses close to the tree, yours and your neighbors, and roadways. In the case of a dead tree, the entire tree will have to come down and this is extremely risky unless there is literally nothing within the radius of where the tree may fall. I am sure you have seen, either on TV, YouTube, or even in person where things go awry and the tree falls in some direction other than the desired one. It might be funny on video, but not so much if you are the subject of that video.

Of course, if you DIY, you are on the hook for any damages that may occur, and even if you have homeowner’s insurance to cover the loss, your rates are going way up or they are going to give you the boot. So trying to save a few dollars over the price of hiring a professional can cost you significantly more than you bargained for. However, if you hire a professional tree trimmer, any damage will be covered by his insurance.

Finding the Right Professional

There is important work to be done on your end before choosing a tree company that can save you much personal grief and possibly lots of bucks. The first thing you will want to know and have proof of is adequate insurance, both liability and worker’s comp, for just the situation above. In addition to just having insurance, you should verify the amount of the insurance for your financial safety.


Tree Cutting ServiceNext, you need to know that the individual or company you hire is competent to perform the work in question. Anyone who works on your trees for any reason should be licensed which means he has been properly trained for the job at hand. Check to ensure the company’s employees have the proper licenses to work on trees as required in your state. It is not legal for a company to work on trees without being licensed.

Day in and day out across the country, people are in small claims court suing over sometimes catastrophic damages done to their property or someone else’s damaged property for which they are liable because they hired a guy going door-to-door offering their services, saw a guy working nearby on a neighbor’s tree and hired him, or worse, hired someone working on a neighbor’s landscaping.

Landscapers are not qualified to work on tree trimming without additional training and licensing. In the absence of these, landscapers are only insured for working up to 10 feet off the ground and in some cases, any accidents over the height restriction of the insured’s policy will not be covered. You might get lucky or you might have a disaster on your hands.