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Land Clearing For New Construction

By Advance Tree Pros

Have you bought the land that you’re looking to build your family home on? Maybe there’s a piece of land in your backyard that’s begging to have a swimming pool and summer house put on it. No matter what you’re planning to do, you’re going to need to clear that land first. Here’s what you’ll need to clear away, and why you should go with a professional when it comes to land clearing in Orlando.

Clear The Land Ready For Your Dream Home

Ok, so you’ve bought that plot of land. It’s the right size, it’s in the right location, and you’re ready to get building on it. However, there is one issue. The land is rarely ever ready to be built on right away. There are all kinds of things you’ll have to do is get it ready. One of the bigger jobs is clearing the land itself.

Vegetation has a habit of growing everywhere if you turn away for just a moment. If you’re lucky, there’ll just be some bushes or brambles that will need to be uprooted before the builders come in. However, if the land has been left for a while, you’ll be looking at old tree stumps, weeds, and even snake-infested overgrowth. It all has to be removed, one way or the other.

Call In The Big Guns

If you’ve got a lot of vegetation to remove from your land, you’re probably thinking of doing it yourself. Planning a new construction can be costly, so why not save money by doing it yourself? However, you’re actually much better off by calling in land clearing companies.

  • Tools: Any land clearing company has got the tools to get the job done properly. They’ll bring in the big guns, such as diggers and Bobcats, that can really get to grips with what’s growing on your land. That means the job is done efficiently and quickly, so you can get started building.
  • Expertise: If you hire our team to clear your land, you’ll find we have the expertise to get it done well. We have years of experience of clearing land, so you know that you’ll get expert service from us.
  • Safety: How hard can it be to clear some overgrowth? You would be surprised. Here at Advance Tree Pros, we’ve seen it all. That means that we know the potential dangers and can keep you and your land safe. That includes making sure all of our team are expertly trained in the use of heavy machinery, and even in dealing with local wildlife that might be hanging out. No one wants to start dealing with an angry snake, after all.
  • Price: Think it’s expensive to have your land cleared? Think again. In fact, it’s much cheaper than you would think. We keep our prices reasonable so you don’t have to take a huge chunk out of your budget before you even start building.

Saving The Environment

We’ve had customers in the past who have been concerned with the amount of greenery that’s been taken off their land. It’s a valid concern. If you’re removing it, what damage are you doing to the environment and the habitats of local wildlife?

Advance Tree Pros understand these worries, and that’s why our services are eco-friendly. Anything we remove from your land will never go into a landfill. In fact, every year we keep 50,000 cubic yards of mulch out of landfills! Instead, we mulch the greenery we remove and distribute it around Florida. It could be used in children’s playgrounds, or even as a growing aid for new plants. Either way, nothing ends up in landfills and your garden waste will benefit others. What could be better than that?

Benefits Of Hiring Advance Tree Pros

So why should you hire our land clearing services in Orlando? Well, we can think of a few reasons.

  • Waste removal: Once we clear your land, we won’t leave you with the waste. We’ll mulch it, take it away and recycle it for you.
  • Licensed and insured: Our team are all fully licensed and insured to work on your property. That means you’re fully covered, and you know our team is the experts. We’ll even show you our paperwork if you’d like to see it.
  • Free estimates: We’ll come and check out the job and give you an estimated price, without charging you a penny.
  • Prices: Our prices just cannot be beaten. You’ll want to save money wherever you can, so hire us to get the job done well, for less.

Land clearing can feel like a mammoth task, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, leave it to us. We’ll get rid of the overgrowth, leaving you to start building your dream project.