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The Hazards Of Low-Lying Stumps

By Advance Tree Pros

The Hazards Of Low-Lying Stumps

Advance Tree Pros is your professional stump removal company in Orlando. With years of extensive industry experience, we specialize in removing aged or dangerous trees from all residential and commercial establishments. Our highly-dedicated ISA Certified arborists also provide tree salvaging and pruning services. As your tree stump removal experts in Orlando, we grind all stumps down to dust. This restores aesthetically pleasing visuals for your home or business. Similarly, it removes the risks of having stumps simply laying around in your properties. In fact, here are some of the hazards associated with low-lying stumps in Florida homes or businesses:

  • tree cutting servicesStumps are simply not attractive and can truly devalue your front or backyard. They can also reduce your curb appeal, and many deed-restricted communities and HOAs simply do not allow them for safety reasons.
  • Stumps are notorious for causing people to fall or trip over. No truer is this than when it comes to young children and their friends.
  • Low-lying stumps also attract insects of all breeds and species. This includes wasps, beetles, worms, ants, termites, and more. This can put a huge dent in your fumigation bill, and these insects can be a nuisance to your home or lawn parties.
  • Rotting stumps can also cause small tree shoots to grow around the stumps. This is known as shucking, which means new shoots will leech on essential soil nutrients you need for living plants.
  • Advance Tree Pros can remove all stumps – so you do not have to waste time, money, and energy on culling new tree shoots.

Professional Stump and Tree Removal

As your dedicated tree and stump removal specialists, we monitor all aspects of the job from start to finish. In fact, no tree or stump cutting job is ever too big or small, and we are fully certified and insured across the board. We also abide by strict environmental rules and safety regulations for all our services. This includes handing over birds and other animals to local animal control agencies. Similarly, we use industry-leading equipment and nets to protect your properties and loved ones from falling tree limbs, branches, leaves, and debris.

At Advance Tree Pros, we remain committed to excellence in all tree and stump removal services. Our highly-dedicated team also provides complete cleanup services after each job. This means we restore the natural vibrancy and look of your gardens and lawns, which helps increase overall property value. Similarly, we network with all HOAs and deed-restricted communities to ensure timely and deliverable results. From parks and recreational areas to businesses, schools, and other venues – we offer the best tree cutting services from the best in the business.

Orlando Tree Removal Specialists

Tree removal in OrlandoTree removal in Orlando requires an experienced and seasoned hand. In fact, all tree cutting, salvaging, and pruning jobs are intricate in nature and should only be done by the pros. While trees give us oxygen and paper, they can be dangerous with aging. This can pose a problem for homes and businesses if not removed in a timely and professional manner. Similarly, trees that have fallen over or previously removed leave behind unattractive stumps. Again, stumps have to be completely removed in order to ensure safety and pleasing designs for your yards.

At Advance Tree Pros, we are proud to offer the following services for your convenience:

  • Safe and effective removal of awkward and aged trees. Complete stump removal for all residential and commercial establishments.
  • Salvaging and saving trees; tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree removal services for all types of properties.
  • Complete property cleanup services – debris, leaves, branches, twigs, and more.
  • Land clearing services for homes and businesses.
  • Complimentary consultations, free estimates, and environmentally-friendly and green options for all tree service jobs.

If tree stumps are ruining the look of your front yards, backyards, or gardens, let the experts at Advance Tree Pros take care of it in a timely and professional manner. For more information on professional tree removal services, simply contact us  or fill out a form to schedule your free estimate