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New Home Landscaping: Getting Rid of that Dead Tree

By Advance Tree Pros

Beautiful landscaping adds to the value of any home. If you pass by a home with a well-manicured lawn, flowerbeds bright with colorful flowers, trimmed bushes, and swaying trees, you are immediately attracted to it. But a beautiful yard takes a lot of hard work. You need to pay careful thought to what types of plants you want, where you want to plant them, and how to remove any unneeded greenery.While you can do most of this work yourself, calling the pros may be necessary for bigger jobs such as removing a dead tree.

While there are a lot of landscaping companies, finding one that has a good reputation, experienced staff, and reasonable pricing, might be a little difficult. This is where we at Advance Tree Pros come in. With the best-qualified staff, low prices, and timely and professional service, we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do.

It is Important to Remove a Dead Tree Properly

tree removalRemoving a dead tree might seem to be as simple as pulling it out, but in reality, it requires the right equipment and right steps to ensure that the tree is removed completely without harming the surroundings. The first thing to clarify here is that no matter if the dead tree is small or it is out of the way and not harming anything else, you still need to remove it. Not only are dead trees unattractive and dangerous, they may also have contagious diseases and can attract pests. So removing it is necessary.

Dead trees may also become weak and/or brittle. Sometimes it’s easier to remove a dead tree than a live one, but sometimes the process can be more complicated and dangerous especially in an urban environment with buildings around. A professional company will take care to remove the tree properly step-by-step by starting with the smaller and lower branches. These get cut off first. Then it’s on to carefully removing the bigger branches and using ropes if needed to prevent them from free-falling. Finally, the trunk is chopped down, one section at a time. All this is done in a clean, safe manner by lowering the cut pieces to the ground, rather than just letting them randomly fall and become a hazard to people or objects. Getting rid of the debris, and leaving a clean area completes the job.

The Advantage of Hiring Advance Tree Pros

You can find many companies that can provide tree service. This does not mean that they will do a professional job. Many companies do not have trained and/or experienced staff that can perform a tree removal, land clearing, landscaping, or other work professionally. So what you get is poor work quality with possibly follow-up work being required later. At other times you will see some companies rent equipment for individual jobs. This adversely impacts the quality of work performed because they are not experts at using the equipment and they might also be in a rush to return the equipment before the rental time runs out.

You can rest assured that with Advance Tree Pros you will not encounter any of these problems. We have highly skilled ISA Certified arborists on our team, who know exactly what they are doing. We also have our own bucket trucks, crane, and other equipment, so we can reach the required area easily and quickly without the need of having to cut, remove, or damage anything in the way. We can remove the dead tree and all debris in no time.

As part of our commitment to do our part in protecting the earth, we mulch all debris for recycling and reuse. We are proud that we are making the extra effort to protect our earth and our environment for future generations. So what you get is flawless work performed by skilled professionals completed in a timely fashion. This is why we have earned so many rave reviews from satisfied customers.

Advance Tree Pros can help you not just with dead tree removal or tree cutting, but with a whole range of other services. Just check out our website to find out more about all our services and about our company