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When Your City Requires You To Have A Tree Removed

By Advance Tree Pros

Most of the time, it’s up to you what you do with the plants and trees located on your property on your land. Sometimes though, the city will get involved and ask you to take a tree down. What happens in this case, and what should you be doing? Here’s a complete guide to help you out.

Removing Your Trees

tree removal company OrlandoIn most cases, you’ll want to keep your trees on property whenever you can. Trees add visual interest to your property, can be historical artifacts they’re old enough, and just create a pleasant yard that you can spend time in.

Sometimes, though, you will want to have a tree taken down. Sometimes they can spoil a great view, or they’re too close to your house and they’re causing damage to the building. If this is happening, then you may need to get a permit from the city in order to get it taken down.

You’ll need a permit if the tree you want to remove is more than four inches wide at chest height. An inspector will come to take a look at your tree and decide whether it needs a permit. If you do, you’ll be expected to pay $25 per acre for residential properties, and $50 per acre on commercial properties. Once that’s in place, you can call in a tree removal company to handle it for you.

When The City Requires You To Remove A Tree

Sometimes, you won’t have looked into removing the tree, but the city itself will ask you to have it removed. This can be for a variety of reasons, but they usually come down to the tree causing problems for others in the vicinity. For example, the tree may have branches that have been damaged by storms, and they’re hanging over public pathways.

Whatever the reason, the end result is the same; you’ll have to have the tree removed. Again, you’ll need to call an Orlando tree removal company and have the tree evaluated, to see if they can remove it safely.

Calling In The Experts

Now that you have a tree removal company on hand, they’ll start removing the tree for you. This is usually the best option when they’re dealing with a tree that has been ordered for removal. This is mostly due to safety. There are plenty of people out there that can take a tree down in a DIY fashion, but they don’t have the equipment or insurance to keep the public safe. Remember, you’re being asked to remove the tree to keep the public safe. If you deal with the tree yourself, you don’t have the protection of insurance or the equipment that a company will have to handle the removal smoothly.

Once the tree has been removed, any good tree removal company Orlando will handle the tree once it’s been removed from your property. Advance Tree Pros will actually take the tree away and have it mulched, ready to be used as plant food or landscaping material elsewhere in Orlando. It’s great to know that the tree will be getting used elsewhere, even if it’s not on your property anymore.

Benefits To Removing That Tree

tree removal company OrlandoEven if you didn’t want to remove that tree at first, there are a lot of benefits to having it removed that you may not have thought of. Firstly now that it’s gone, you’ll no longer have to worry about it being a danger or a worry to others. It’s also one less tree to prune on your property, something that will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

As well as this, it can actually improve your property. It may remove a danger to your home that you didn’t know was there, and actually, improve the view in certain cases. Once the tree is gone, your home or business will most certainly be better off.

If the city requires you to have a tree on your property removed, the process is easier than you’d think. Ask a removal company to come to take care of it for you, and it can be easier and cheaper, especially in the long run.