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The Average Cost for Tree Removal Services in Orlando, FL 

By Advance Tree Pros

Advance Tree Pros is your professional tree removal Orlando company. With many years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to remove aged trees from your property safely. This includes homes in Orlando, along with businesses, schools, places of worship, retail establishments, entertainment venues, and all types of parks. Our highly-dedicated, reputable, and seasoned tree removal experts also offer tree pruning and salvaging services, along with debris cleanup for all local properties. We continue to receive stellar industry ratings, along with customer reviews and testimonials.

Average Tree Cutting Costs in Orlando

The average tree cutting cost in Orlando is around $520. However, the price will depend on the size of your property, as well as the number of trees and/or stumps you need to be removed while some tree cutting costs can be as low as $150, other more extensive jobs can be as high as $1,100. With this in mind, we will work within your budget to ensure cost-effective tree and stump removal. We also answer all your questions and concerns, and our certified arborists offer complimentary tree-cutting consultations and free estimates. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a tree cutting Orlando appointment today.

Why Should I Choose Advance Tree Pros?

Tree Removal ServicesAdvance Tree Pros has deep roots in the community and has forged lasting friendships with all our loyal clients. This includes local homes and communities, along with business owners and even Orlando city government offices. Our goal is to always meet your Orlando tree removal needs within time and budget. This is just one way that we go above and beyond to ensure a favorable outcome for all our new and existing clients. Our team also keeps you in the loop, while guaranteeing the following during any tree or stump removal job:

  • Timely and efficient removal of all types of damaged, aged, or diseased trees, including Elm, Pine, Palm, Oak, Redwood, and more.
  • Complete cleanup services of all branches, twigs, leaves, bark, and all debris post-tree or post-stump removal.
  • Safeguarding your home, along with vehicular and pedestrian traffic during jobs.
  • No Orlando tree removal job is ever too big or small, and we are fully certified and insured.
  • Our services extend to tree removal and land clearance for local parks and recreational centers. Similarly, we offer timely and cost-efficient services for all residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sites and venues across the greater Orlando area.
  • Advance Tree Pros abides by all environmental rules and regulations when cutting and removing trees and stumps. We utilize green and safety options while networking with local animal shelters to hand over any birds or wildlife found in tree habitats.
  • We can identify tree threats while salvaging and pruning trees and help you decide how to proceed with the tree.

As your premier Orlando Tree Company, we are committed to saving you time and money. Again, we work to lower your costs by offering a range of tree/stump removal discounts and specials. We even offer business savings, as well as weekly specials for all new customers and clients.

Orlando Arborists at Your Service

Orlando tree service requires a knowledgeable and seasoned hand. We are committed to excellence and strive to always protect your properties from dangerous or damaged trees. Trees can fall over into homes and businesses, resulting in considerable costly damage. At Advance Tree Pros, we have the right tools and expertise to safely, and efficiently, remove damaged or aged trees from area homes and businesses. We also specialize in salvaging trees, as well as removing stumps and debris. Our teams remove leaves, branches, and twigs to ensure professional clean-up after any tree cutting or removal job.

For more information on tree removal in Orlando, simply contact us today, or please visit our website.