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How Trees Save Money and Increase Property Value

By Advance Tree Pros

Running a tree service company in Orlando means providing our clients with help to keep the trees in their yard living as long as possible. This is good for your home as those trees can help you save money on bills as well as increase your property value.

How can trees save you money? First, the shade they provide can help keep your home cooler, thus keeping your energy bills low. They also absorb pollutants from soil and water and reduce soil erosion around your home. This is why we have certified arborists on staff so we can save your trees instead of just removing them. Doing what we can to help save the tree is ultimately a better use of the tree’s life.

On the front of property value, there is plenty out that there explains how having trees and other plants around your home increases its value. Having healthy trees increases your home’s curb appeal and gives more life to your property than if you had nothing there. This is key for more than just if you’re living in your home. If you’re considering selling your home, you’ll want your home looking great, and keeping your trees maintained will help with that. Basically, having healthy trees could lead to having a healthier offer made on your home.

The ways that trees help our wallets go far. That leads us to why we have certified arborists on our team. Others might see a tree that looks unhealthy and tell you to just get it removed. We can remove your trees if that’s what needs to be done. But honestly, it doesn’t always need to be done.

Often, there are ways to take a tree that looks sickly and bring it back to its full life. Our certified arborists help establish if a tree can be saved. If we save the tree, we can save money for you, and not just in the ways we mention above. Often times, removing the tree is the more costly option. That’s why we don’t suggest it unless it needs to get done. If we can save the tree, we will, and that saves you money and keeps the tree on your property. And if the tree stays on your property, it can lead to other great things for you.

So do you have a tree on your property our certified arborists can check? If you do, give us a call, and let us get in there and make sure your trees stay on your property for a long time.