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Tree Cutting For Lightning Damaged Trees

By Advance Tree Pros

Trees are prime targets for lightning strikes, so after a storm, you could find that your tree has been struck by direct lightning hit. When this happens, what are you going to do with the tree? Is it safe to keep, or does it need to be cut down? This guide will tell you everything you need to know to deal with that tree safely.

What Happens When Lightning Strikes A Tree

So, what exactly does lightning do when it strikes a tree? When it hits, the extreme heat of the lightning will steam all of the water within it. This will burst bark away from the tree trunk and branches, and can even split the tree itself.

More often than not, the tree can’t come back from this kind of damage. Many are left to stand in the hope they will come back, but after a year or so, it’s obvious that most trees will have died from the strike.

The Damage Done

If you talk to any tree service, they’ll tell you that there are three different types of damage that a tree struck by lightning will take on:

  • Bark damage: When lightning strikes, it causes the tree to bend and bounce back suddenly. The force of this is enough to break the bark away from the trunk. It’s often the first telltale sign that the tree has taken damage.
  • Leaf wilt: Lightning can interrupt a tree’s water distribution system. This will affect the leaves as they won’t get enough water, meaning that they will eventually wilt. This process can take up to three years, but the tree will eventually lose all of its foliage.
  • Root damage: Sometimes, you can’t see the damage done but the roots will take a hit. This means that it will struggle to take in nutrients to stay alive, and it’s a reason why the leaves may start to wilt. If this is happening, using water and fertilizer may be enough to bring the tree back.

Prune Or Remove The Tree?

There are two options when a tree is struck by lightning; prune the damaged parts, or remove it altogether.

Once the tree has been struck, watch it for a couple of months. If it’s going to survive, you’ll see new foliage appear as normal. If that happens, it’s safe to prune the damaged parts. Doing so beforehand could be a waste of time if the tree isn’t going to live.

If it doesn’t recover, then the tree will have to be cut down and removed. If this is the case, don’t attempt to try and do it yourself. Instead, call in an Orlando tree service.

Why You Need To Call A Professional

There are many reasons why you want to call in the professionals, rather than try and take down the dead tree by yourself. You may think you’re saving money, but it’s about more than cash.

  • Professionals have the skills needed: A lightning-struck tree needs some serious care and attention. The wrong cut or move, and it could be dangerous. The professionals know exactly how to approach the job and get it done. For example, they’ll prune away dead branches in a way that won’t affect the tree structure.
  • It’s much safer: Cutting down a dead tree is a dangerous job. If you’re trying to do it on your own, you may miss certain warnings that you need to stop or try a different method. Professionals know just how to cut it down without any threat to you or your home’s safety.
  • They have the tools: We’re not just talking hacksaws here. Depending on the tree and the extent of the damage, they may need to bring in heavy-duty machinery. With that equipment, the job will be done properly, and the tree will be taken right out of the ground.
  • They can take the dead tree away: Whatever comes down, the professionals will be able to remove the debris for you. Here at Advance Tree Pros, we take it to be mulched and recycled into materials such as planting mulch. That means there’s no waste whatsoever, and your tree is finding its way back into the environment.

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