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Top Safety Tips for Branch Removal

By Advance Tree Pros

Sometimes, weather events such as wind or lightning can cause tree limbs to precariously dangle, leading to lots of potential hazards. A branch could become dislodged and easily damage windows, doors, and vehicles. This could lead to potential bodily injury to a person, family, or pets. Fortunately, we at Orlando Tree Service have years of experience and have several tips for safe tree pruning.

Some Situations Are Best Left To Professionals

First, it is important to know that if any of the trees or dangling limbs are within 10 feet of a power line must be taken care of by trained line-clearance tree cutting service people, with a second licensed trimmer available within vocal hearing range. They must be aware of the proper minimum approach distances and maintain them when working near energized power lines. You can contact your power company to talk about de-energizing, grounding, or shielding the lines.

Always Be Vigilant

Always avoid trimming trees in dangerous or advisory weather conditions. Be sure to maintain awareness of the hazards in the work area. Be certain to wear appropriate gear, such as hard hats and safety glasses as well as heavy-duty gloves to minimize your exposure to potential hazards. Chainsaws and other heavy equipment should only be used by licensed professionals. Tree pruning should be done with the appropriate equipment for the job. When working with the problem limbs, assess and determine the direction in which the branch might fall, taking into account leaning issues so that you will know which ways you can safely maneuver your body during the job. Try to ensure that you can guide the way the limb will fall, and make sure you know which way you will escape when it does fall.

Tree Climbing Knowledge is Your Best Strength

Always inspect branches before climbing to make sure that they are strong enough to hold your weight. Professionals engaging in tree climbing activities must wear the appropriate gear in the event of a fall. Never climb with tools in your hands, as this may not only affect your ability to grip branches as you need but could cause further injury in the event of a slip or fall. If a broken tree has further pressure applied to it, note the direction of the pressure and apply small cuts to relieve it. Trees that have not fallen all the way to the ground, or are lodged against another tree, should be handled with extreme caution. Don’t ever turn your back on a fallen tree, and be alert to potential flying objects as the tree falls.

Use Proper Equipment

It may be necessary to use an aerial climber for tree services, which could put you at risk for falls or electrocution. It is imperative to use proper lineman leather gloves when servicing trees, as they can help to reduce the risk of electrocution. Wear approved safety goggles to avoid exposure to dust, wood particles, insects, and pine needles. Ear protection is necessary when using chainsaws or electric trimmers. Sturdy, slip-resistant shoes with good heels are standard practices for operating this machinery.

Assess The Situation

Every tree job may require a different approach. Assess the situation beforehand and devise an effective plan for the job every time. Higher climbs may require fall protection gear, such as a fall harness, climbing rope, or aerial lift. Inspect all of this gear before use. Avoid damaging equipment by paying full attention and using the utmost care when removing limbs. Ensure the protection of passers-by and people who may be watching by securing the area, taking note of the local speed limit, and wearing high-visibility clothing.

Electricity is a Shockingly Vital Danger

Ladders, pole trimmers, and other conductive tools in tree removal are real dangers and should be avoided in any proximity to power lines, especially if they are fallen. Felled power lines can still contain enough electricity to deliver a fatal shock. Treat all power lines as though they are life, even if confirmed otherwise. Do not go near them unless it is absolutely imperative. Do not de-energize them unless you are licensed and trained to do so. If you must come near them, contact the electric company to remove the energy from the lines or cover them to prevent the risk of electrocution.

Tree removal can be a dangerous and tricky job, but it can save lives. Always contact a professional to take care of your tree problems- never do the job yourself. There are plenty of tree service companies in Orlando that can help.