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Start With A Clean Slate With Our Land Clearing Service

By Advance Tree Pros

There’s yard work, and then there’s land clearing. You feel that your garden is well beyond a little work with the pruning shears and a sprinkling of weed killer. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the work that needs doing in your yard, it’s time to pull out the big guns. Here’s how our service can your yard from an overgrown jungle to a relaxing yard in no time at all.

Time To Clear Out The Garden

It’s the new year, so many people feel the call to get to work on the house. You sit and write down a list, and inevitable ‘clear out the yard’ will appear on it.

Let’s face it, it’s always a big job. Plants become overgrown, and debris comes in and covers your lawn, which is getting higher and higher every day. It’s going to take a while to get the whole job done. Don’t you wish you could call someone in to do it for you?

Some Jobs Are Too Big For One Person

Take a look at what needs to be done in your yard. Sometimes, there are jobs that you really can’t pull off by yourself. Removing tree stumps, cutting down trees, clearing large areas of overgrowth… it’s just too much, isn’t it?

If the job is too big for you, it’s time to call in the experts. You can cross a job off your to-do list, and save yourself all the time, hassle, and expense of doing it yourself.

What We Can Do For You

Here at Advance Tree Pros, we believe that the safety of you and your home is paramount. Almost anyone can get a chainsaw and a pickup truck and call themselves a tree removal service. All of our staff are fully insured and licensed to clear the land in your home properly.

We’ll happily come and give you a same-day estimate for the price of your land clearing. We’ll never add on extra fees, so the land clearing prices we give you will always be accurate and fair.

Benefits Of Hiring In Land Clearing Services Orlando


  • We use specialist equipment: When we come to clear your land, we come prepared. We have all the equipment that helps us do the heavy lifting jobs that you can’t do on your own. We have cranes for reaching high places, Bobcats for clearing areas quickly, and other tools that will get the job done quickly but safely.
  • It’s much safer: Speaking of safety, we’re committed to ensuring that both you and your home are kept safe. When we come to work on your property, we’ll have all the correct paperwork so you can be assured we’re ready to work properly. Or policies and protocols mean our work will be carried out with your safety in mind.
  • Get ready for hurricane season: When hurricane season is looming, you want to make sure that your home is ready. Call us for a quote, and we’ll let you know exactly what needs to be trimmed, cleared or removed in order to keep your property safe.
  • Clear land for new construction: Do you have land that’s waiting for your dream to built on it? We can help get it cleared and ready for you. No matter how big the job seems, we’ll be able to tackle it and get the land ready for your new development.
  • Make your home and grounds more attractive: Your yard can get overgrown more quickly than you’d think. Before you know it, it can make your property look unloved and unattractive. To solve the problem fast, we’re the people to turn to. We’ll remove the brush and undergrowth and get your yard looking amazing again.
  • Save time and money: Sure, you could do a lot of the work yourself, but do you want to? You could spend a fortune in hardware stores getting what you need, and the equipment still won’t be heavy-duty enough. Plus, who wants to spend every weekend up to their knees in overgrowth? Instead, let us do it, and you’ll save a huge amount of time and cash.
  • We’re environmentally friendly: Trying to reduce your impact on the planet? So are we. The debris generated by our work is always collected up, then it’s turned into mulch for reuse across the country. That way it’s not going into a landfill, and you don’t even have to worry about the clean-up yourself.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to call us in and have us start clearing land for you. Reclaim your yard and start enjoying it again, rather than worrying about its current state of it. It’s a new year, so it’s time for a clean slate on your yard.