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Time frames are approximate, variations occur due to differences in the weather every year.

January and February are good times for pruning most trees, making it easier to identify structural problems or dead wood.

When the ground thaws, usually by mid to late March, we can begin Rootcare fertilization of trees and shrubs with our slow-release fertilizer.

April and May mark the beginning of the growing season and is when we begin monitoring plant development and weather conditions in order to time our pesticide applications.

Evergreens are pruned in June or July after the new growth is completed, and is when symptoms of diseases such as Oak Wilt begin to appear on infected trees.

August, September, and October are good times to apply systemic insecticides that will prevent infestations next year because the plants are building crowns and root systems as the top growth slows down.

In November and December, we continue tree and shrub fertilization until the ground freezes. Our slow-release Rootcare Fertilization formula will not promote unwanted late-season growth.

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Advance Tree Pros offers a complete line of effective, knowledge-based tree and shrub maintenance services. You will find expert service and consideration for your property.

  • Pruning: Appropriate tree and shrub pruning employ an understanding of plant structure, physiology, biology, and aesthetics.
  • Cabling and Bracing: Proper cabling and bracing techniques will lengthen the service life of trees with poor structure or weakened limbs.
  • Systemic Growth Management: Cambistat, a plant growth regulator, will maintain the size and shape of your trees. Cambist can reduce tree growth by up to 60% over a 3-year period, increasing the time frame between needed pruning. This is an important maintenance issue for trees growing in confined spaces, near houses, decks, patios, sidewalks, power lines, or for trees that block scenic views.
  • Tree and Shrub Removal: Our ISA Certified Arborists can safely remove even the most hazardous trees.
  • GIS/GPS Landscape Inventories: Simplify the management of your property by utilizing our GIS/GPS system to accurately identify your tree/shrub species and their exact locations.
  • Stump Grinding: We have the ability to remove large and difficult stumps with a minimum of disruption to your landscape.
  • Consulting & Diagnosis: With the largest staff of College degrees and ISA Certified Arborists in Minnesota, we have the expertise and experience to evaluate any tree issue.
  • Woodland Management (Buckthorn Removal): Keep your woodland in top form for native wildlife and plants utilizing Rainbow’s woodland management practices.
  • Tree Risk Assessment: Keep people and property safe by having your tree evaluated for potentially hazardous conditions.

Plant Health Care

We apply the latest research and technologies in developing plant health protection strategies. Our tools include special soil and plant injectors, air spades, and chemistries designed for specific beneficial outcomes. Complete root care and fertilization techniques round out our comprehensive plant health care programs.

  • Tree Nutrition (Fertilization): Our Rootcare Fertilization with the addition of beneficial soil organisms improves soil conditions, encourages the proliferation of roots, and increases plant vigor.
  • Insect and Disease Management: Accurate disease and insect diagnosis, in combination with accurately targeted treatments, minimize the impact on beneficial organisms while effectively controlling pests.
  • Oak Wilt Prevention and Therapy: Alamo fungicide injection protects red, white, and bur oaks at high risk of infection via root grafts with a diseased tree. Alamo has also proven effective when used therapeutically to save white and bur oaks that are moderately infected.
  • Construction Site Tree Preservation: Advance Tree Pros experts can help you lay out a plan to preserve or minimize the damage done to the important trees on your property when building your new home or adding an addition to your existing home.
  • Root Health Enhancement: A largely overlooked problem with trees. Root health is essential to the overall health, beauty, and longevity of a tree. At Advanced Tree Pros we make sure the soil and root conditions for optimal tree health are addressed.
  • Emerald Ash Borer Prevention & Therapy: Based on university research, effective and affordable treatments are available to prevent ash tree infestation from the Emerald ash borer. We promote the application of treatments that do not cause additional harm to the tree. For high-value trees that have less than 40% infestation, there is an effective therapeutic trunk injection treatment available.
  • Tree Wellness Plans: Prevent decline and minimize problems by setting a tree wellness check-up system in place. By catching or preventing problems early we can minimize costly treatments and removals.