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Preventing Tree Damage

By Advance Tree Pros

Here in Orlando and Central Florida, we get a lot of rain and storms. Especially during our hot summers, when the storms seem to come every day and we’re always watching out for hurricanes. With rain soaking the ground and wind or lightning hitting your trees, sticks, branches, or even the whole tree can become a damaging force.

This is why it’s so important to know how to care for your trees to prevent damage to your home, business, or property. Here’s a list of what should be done depending on how your tree is:

  • If you see that you have a dead tree in your yard, it should be REMOVED immediately. Tree removal services can easily take the tree out and save your home from potential damage.
  • If you see mushrooms, cracks, or splits at the base of the trunk of the tree, ask an arborist to check its health. More than likely, you have a dead tree.
  • If your trunk looks alright, look to your branches. Do some fall regularly? Do you have some hanging loose? You need to get a tree trimming service to come in and take those branches off properly. It’s true that dying branches could indicate a bigger problem, but if not, there’s no point removing the whole tree when only a few branches need to be trimmed.
  • Of course, dying or dead trees and branches are always the problems. You could have a tree that is perfectly healthy, but if the ground around it is weak, it can start to lean to one side. If you notice this, and especially if you notice roots coming out of the ground, this is a problem. More heavy rain to weaken the ground or strong wind could push that tree over and into your house.

So here’s the question: aside from the tell-tale signs mentioned above, how else do you know if a tree is healthy or not? We have certified arborists who understand how trees are and can tell the signs of an unhealthy tree. They can give recommendations of what kind of tree service you need. Maybe you only need some tree trimming to remove some older branches; you might need a whole tree removal service. Either way, Advance Tree Pros can help you.