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Just Bought a New Property? Consider Land Clearing Services

By Advance Tree Pros

Buying a new home or a piece of land to build the home of your dreams is quite exciting! You daydream about living in a house where everything is according to your needs and specifications- the interior is beautifully furnished, while the exterior boasts lush green grass, beautiful flowering shrubs, a swimming pool, and much more. Stop right there! Before you get carried away with your daydream, you need to plop right back down to reality. And the reality is that this new property that you just purchased, requires a lot of work before it can become a part of your dream. You may have gotten an old orange grove, weeds, shrubs, or other greenery with your purchase that you need to clear. Are you up for the task or do you need professional help?

Advance Tree Pros can help you with Land Clearing

As any homeowner can tell you, having a well-manicured yard takes a lot of work. You have to weed, mow, trim, fertilize, and take numerous other steps to make sure that all the greenery looks good and stays healthy. If you have the time and energy to spend on keeping your yard or lawn in tip-top shape, then this does not seem to be a big issue. But, unfortunately, many of us lack the time or have other constraints that do not allow us to maintain our outdoor space well. If you reside in the Orlando area, Advance Tree Pros can help you with all your land clearing needs. As a leading tree services company, we at Advance Tree Pros have the qualified staff, the right equipment, and years of experience in performing many types of tree services for satisfied customers. While individuals or other small land clearing companies can do land clearing or other yard work for you, their work will likely be subpar.

If you are not completely satisfied, would you think about spending more to get the job done right the next time? Don’t get duped into hiring bad professionals who do not have the expertise or the equipment to do the job well. Call Advance Tree Pros instead. Not only do we have the right equipment and professional staff, but we are also properly insured. So you do not have to worry about damage to your property or surroundings when we work on any project for you.  We also use a big crane, bobcats, or mobile bucket trucks to get to all areas of your premises without the need of moving everything out of the way. Before we leave, we also make sure to pick up all the debris and leave your premises absolutely neat and clean. As part of our commitment to being a 100% green company, we mulch all the debris for reuse and prevent it from ending up in landfills.

Removing old tree stumps, overgrowth, weeds, bushes, and other more stubborn plant growth can be very difficult to clear out. But at Advance Tree Pros, a no job is too difficult for us. We guarantee to perform your land clearing job to the highest standards and at a reasonable price. Getting the work done quickly, safely, and professionally is our goal for every job that we do. Prior to hiring us, you can call us to get a free, no-obligation price quote from us if you like. We stay close to our quote when we actually come to work on your project. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone at 407-271-1944. Just call us and we would be happy to assist you with any land clearing needs you may have. Other than land clearing, we also offer other services that include tree removal, tree trimming, and crane service.

We also offer Bobcat service, selective clearing, brush clearing, root raking, debris removal, and grading. We have three ISA Certified arborists on our team who can advise you on the best solution for any trees that you may be having issues with. So no matter what your needs, Advance Tree Pros is here for you. So leave all the heavy and tiring land clearing work to us, while you relax or attend to other important things.

Before you know it, your new property will be all clear and clean for you to enjoy or build on. We offer the best land clearing services Orlando has. Just give us a chance to serve you, and you will not be disappointed.